See Tickets Contact Numbers

See Tickets Contact Numbers
See Tickets Customer Service

See Tickets UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9.00 am - 6.00 pm
Saturday 10.30 am - 3.30 pm
Sunday Closed

It takes a lot of efforts to find the relevant number for a company’s department that you need to contact. We realised the struggle and brought All Services to your service, making it easier for you to get in touch with the respective service directly by compiling relevant contact information. Amongst these contact details, we bring you a contact guide to get in touch with See Tickets, an international ticketing service that allows you to buy tickets for various entertainment events and concerts in the UK and elsewhere.

See Tickets Phone Tips

See Tickets Departments UK Contact Number
See Tickets  Customer Service 0871 220 0260
See Tickets International 0115 896 3050
See Tickets Fax 0207 087 7776
See Tickets Group Bookings 0844 412 4650
See Tickets West End Theatre 0871 230 5538

See Tickets Customer Service

See Tickets website homepage

The See Tickets customer service number is 0871 220 0260Dial this number if you have any queries with respect to their ticketing services and sales. In case you want to book and/or buy your tickets over the phone, you can give them a call and the representatives will guide you further.

Other than this, if you have queries about the payment methods, payment for the service charge, receipt of the tickets (in what time should you be expecting delivery), availability of tickets for a certain event, the fan-to-fan services, using discounts and simply any other general enquiry with respect to their ticketing services, you can get in touch with the customer support team. If you have queries relating to the tickets you have already bought, you might need to have the reference number nearby in case it is required. You might as well file complaints with them about any occurrence that incurred your displeasure with their services. If the person you are buying the ticket for is disabled and is need of special assistance, related information can also be requested on the given number.

If you need to ensure that you indeed get in touch with them effectively, give them a call at the given number from Monday to Friday between the hours 9.00 am – 6.00 pm and on Saturday between 10.30 am – 3.30 pm. They are closed on Sunday.

See Tickets International

The See Tickets international phone number is 0115 896 3050. Access this See Tickets phone number if you are not a resident of the UK. This number can also be used to enquire about the See Ticket’s services and all the other issues that will be addressed by the customer services representatives there. Basically, if you are calling from outside the UK for any purpose, you will be dialling the international number provided earlier. Opening hours are the same as above and are applicable to the UK local time.

See Tickets Fax

The See Tickers fax number is 0207 087 7776. You can fax them if you have to book tickets, or you have some concerns to address. Simply, to get in touch with them, the fax number is yet another medium and can be used to get all kinds of queries resolved with respect to the services See Tickets is offering.

See Tickets Group Bookings

See Tickets group bookings page

The See Tickets group bookings phone number is 0844 412 4650. Approach this number if you are booking for a group of a large number of people. The number will come in handy if you wish to avail discounts being a crowd of people and attending an event trough tickets bought via see tickets. To learn more about this service and make your bookings, make use of the mentioned number. You can use the number to enquire about how it works, how many people need to be there in the group for you to be eligible to use this service, the discount you will be receiving and how will the bookings be managed. Moreover, if you have already gone through their respective guide available on the group bookings page on the See Tickets website, and are not clear on a certain aspect, you can give them a call and get your confusions clarified. Be your group booking be for any exhibition and even in the UK or in the West End theatre specifically, this is the number you should be contacting.

See Tickets West End Theatre

The See Tickets West End theatre phone number is 0871 230 5538You will be contacting the representatives available in an event you want to get the ticket for is being held there. Your bookings for any show at the West End Theatre will be made using the number provided. Other than this, if you have queries regarding the tickets bought through this number, for example about the refund in case of the show getting postponed or cancelled, or about selling them via fan-to-fan service, or discounts or rewards being applicable to these tickets specifically, you will be addressing to their customer service representatives available on the other end of this number. If special assistance is required for a person attending the event at West End Theatre through tickets bought from See Tickets, you can get your guidance by calling them.

See Tickets Head Office

If you feel like going there personally and then get your tickets, you will be needing to know the head office address shared below. They have their headquarters in Nottingham. You can pay them a visit if you have to buy tickets directly, or if you have some information to enquire about which would most likely be available with a higher level official only, or if you have a complaint to make about your earlier complaints not being handled the way they should be. Whatever it is that you feel the need to pay them a visit in person, the address is the one to follow.

Moreover, if you do not live in Nottingham or anywhere near it, you might want to drop them a letter in writing. The head office address would yet again come in handy as this is the one where you will be posting the letter to. The letter can be absolutely about anything that you need their assistance for. If required, they will get back to you using the contact information you would have mentioned in the letter. Therefore, be sure to be clear about your name contact details and the matter you are writing them for.

See Tickets Alternate Contact Details

Your issues might not have gotten addressed using the details shared earlier. Well, you do not need to worry as there are alternate channels through which you can reach out to the representatives at See Tickets.

See Tickets Group Bookings Email

If you were not able to reach the group bookings team via phone, you can drop them an email at [email protected]. If you need to make bookings, then you might see the groups you are falling into using the option available on the respective page and then refer to it in your email expressing your wish to make bookings. Or else, if there is a query you need to ask, then you can simply address it using the email. Whatever it is, they are available for your help!

See Tickets Fan-to-Fan Email

If you are not sure about using this service, make use of the See Tickets fan-to-fan email [email protected] to address your concerns. Even if you have issues using it or you need further guidance, they are there to help you out, all you need to do is get in touch with them! In case there has been some problem while selling or getting the ticket through this service, then you will be sending in an email quoting the entire incident and the problem that has arisen so that it can be solved.

See Tickets Track Your Order

See Tickets order tracking

You can track your order using the option available on the See Tickets customer services page. It will be required that you put in reference number and postcode, last 4 digits of payment card or phone number to proceed to find your order and keep its track. Moreover, in case you need to change the delivery address, that can be done using the mentioned option as well. In addition to this, you can also go for a live chat and get all kinds your queries resolved on the spot!

See Tickets Careers

If you are looking to work at See Tickets, you can explore your career opportunities using the See Tickets careers page. They have listed the available vacancies, along with the job description and job specification. You will get to know what is required of you and what will be the working hours. All the other information that you will need to know with respect to the vacancy is there, along with how are you to apply and send in you CV.

See Tickets Contact Details

See Tickets twitter page

You might as well contact them using their social media profiles, where they are very active in letting you know about any new event for which tickets would be available with them, or about prevalent discounts and the new job openings. Connect with them on:

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