Simplyhealth Contact Numbers

Simplyhealth Contact Numbers

Simplyhealth UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Simplyhealth Departments  UK Contact Number
Simplyhealth Customer Services 0800 980 7920
0300 100 1030
Cash Plan Sales 0800 197 6999
Cash Plan Claims 0370 908 3481
Accident Plan Claims 0300 100 1169
Dental Plan Sales 0800 316 4794
Dental Plan Claims 0370 908 3476
New Business 0300 100 1190
Existing Business 0330 102 5354
Intermediatory Account Consultant 0330 102 5337
Simplyhealth Complaints 0370 908 3310
Healthcare Professionals 0344 579 5814
Healthcare Professional Registration 0344 579 5817
Media 0344 579 2489
Simplyhealth Head Office 0126 435 3211
Accident Plans 0800 072 6720
Simply Cash Plan 70 Plus 0800 072 5846
Cash Plans for Healthsure 0370 908 3475
Cash Plans and Dental Plans Employee Paid 0800 107 0384
Business Plans for employers 0300 100 1188
Business Client Services 0800 980 6570
Sales for employees 0800 980 7893
Client Services 0800 980 6569
Admin Enquiries 0800 294 5654

Simplyhealth Customer Services

The Simplyhealth free customer services number is 0800 980 7920. You can give them a call on this number for any general enquiry with regard to their insurance policies and products. To learn what range of health insurance policies are available with them, how will you be managing them and how would you buy any of the policy, the number would come in handy.

Their lines are open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Simplyhealth Alternate Customer Service

The Simplyhealth contact number is 0300 100 1030. Access this alternate Simplyhealth helpline number if you are making a call via mobile. You can call this number for all the reasons mentioned earlier. Other than this, if you are a supplier visiting their offices, you can ring on this number to get directions. This number is applicable to all three offices in Andover.

Simplyhealth Cash Plan Sales

The Simplyhealth cash plan sales free number is 0800 197 6999. If you are wishing to buy a cash plan, they will guide you through all the available ones given your need and recommend the best one accordingly. They will also help you with learning about the payment and claiming procedure.

Their lines are open from Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm, excluding Bank Holidays and on Saturday between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm.

Simplyhealth Cash Claims

The Simplyhealth cash claims contact number is 0370 908 3481. To learn more about the cash plans they are offering, for example, visits to which health care professionals are covered, what kind of visit is covered and everything else, you can give them a call and they will help out.

Simplyhealth Accident Claims

The Simplyhealth accident claims contact number is 0300 100 1169. If you have encountered an emergency situation or an accident that has been covered by your accident policy, you can make a claim by dialling this Simplyhealth emergency number.

To make any kind of claim, you will need to have the receipt and the policy reference number with you.

Simplyhealth Dental Sales

The Simplyhealth Dental sales free number is 0800 316 4794. If you are not sure which dental plan to go for, you can give a call to an expert and they will let you know the best ones suited to your needs. You can they buy one of the plans then and therein.

Simplyhealth Dental Claims

The Simplyhealth Dental claims contact number is 0370 908 3476. In case a dental or oral situation arises that has been covered by your dental plan, you would not have to pay it yourself. Rather, you can make your claim on the dental plan bought earlier and the incurred costs will be covered for.

Other than this, if there is something that you need to know about your policy, you can give them a call on the Simplyhealth insurance telephone number and they will assist you. Even if you have not bought their dental plan as yet but wish to learn about it, all the necessary details and information will be available with respective customer services team on the mentioned number.

Simplyhealth New Business

The Simplyhealth new business contact number is 0300 100 1190. The company provides with insurance cover for an entire organisation or business as well. If you are an employer whose employees do not yet have a mutual health insurance policy, you need to dial the above-mentioned Simplyhealth helpline support number and get to know about the plans. You will get to learn what kinds of policies are available, how they work, what is covered and everything else as well. You might as well buy one if you like!

Simplyhealth Existing Business

The Simplyhealth existing business contact number is 0330 102 5354. If you being an employer have already bought a plan for your employees, you can call at the given number to learn more about it or to make necessary amendments to it if you wish. All the required customer support with respect to your policy or others will be available.

You can call them from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Simplyhealth Intermediatory Account Consultant

The Simplyhealth Intermediatory Account Consultant contact number is 0330 102 5337. You will reach the intermediaries team if you give a call at this number. They will help you out with all new business enquiries, quote and set up a new company scheme.

Simplyhealth Healthcare Professionals

The Simplyhealth healthcare professionals contact number is 0344 579 5814. You can enquire about how to register yourself so that you receive Direct Credit payments for treatment fees of patients who are covered by their policies. They will let you know all about the procedure and the treatments covered by the policies.

Simplyhealth Complaints

The Simplyhealth complaints contact number is 0370 908 3310. If there is anything about their services or products that made you unhappy or you are not fully satisfied with the way your claim was handled, you can give them a call and file a complaint. They will look into it in a timely manner and act on it at their earliest possible.

Simplyhealth Media

You can reach out to the Simplyhealth media contact number 0344 579 2489. They will help out every journalist or media person wishing to get insight into the happenings. You can also learn about to get hold of exclusive news, pictures and other media as well.

Simplyhealth Head Office

The Simplyhealth head office contact number is 0126 435 3211. If your complaints are not redressed in satisfactory manners, you can escalate it to their head office. They will be available from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, Monday to Friday and from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on Saturday. They have their registered office in Andover and the address has been shared later in the work.

Hambleden House
Waterloo Court
SP10 1LQ

Simplyhealth Emails

Firstly, it is best to check out the Simplyhealth FAQs page to see if the matter you are approaching them is already addressed there or not. If not, then you can reach out to them. Other than the phone numbers discussed earlier, you can also get in touch with them using their following email addresses:

Simplyhealth Careers

You can check out the Simplyhealth Careers page to learn all about the recent vacancies. On the mentioned page, you will get to learn about the procedure of your recruitment, the area of business you would like to focus on and the benefits you will get as their employee. All the necessary details for the vacancies will be available to you if you click on the respective post. You can apply for it through the page that you are directed to after clicking on the vacant post.

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