Sky Customer Service

Sky Customer Service
Sky Customer Service

Sky UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:30AM - 11:00PM
Saturday 8:30AM - 11:00PM
Sunday 8:30AM - 11:00PM
All Days 7:00AM - 11:00PM

Sky Phone Number Tips

Sky Contact Number Helpline Sky  Number
Sky TV Contact 0330 041  526
Sky Broadband Contact 0330 041 2544
Sky Talk 0330 041 2553
Sky Digital 03442 411 653
Sky Customer Service 0330 041 2558
Sky Moving/Sky Installation 0330 041 2563
Sky Technical Support 0344 2411 653
Sky Billing 0344 241 1653
Sky Cancellation 03332 022 135
Join Sky 03442 411 653

Sky Overview

Sky UK Unlimited, formerly BSkyB, which trades under the name “Sky,” is a British satellite broadcasting, telephone, and broadband services company. Sky offers the wide variety of triple-play packages that are available to customers on 12-month contracts. It is one of the UK’s top global companies. The company offers all types of communication services in the UK with its customer service headquarters located in London. While most of the Sky operations are held in the UK, Sky Broadband has spread its wings into Europe, including Ireland, Austria, Germany and Italy. Customer service is available in these countries too.

Sky UK was formed by the equal merger of British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky Television in November 1990. It then became the largest pay-for-TV broadcaster in the UK and Ireland. Sky Customer Service Desk is efficient and ready to help. Sky ensures to keep its huge clientele base of more than 10 million daily subscribers happy. To get started call today: 03442 411 653.

About Sky Services and Products

With Sky Service and Sky Go, anyone can watch their favourite movie and television show. Sky TV has several viewing options to choose from. Additionally, with Sky+ HD, any customer can enjoy the widest range of HD channels available in the UK. Sky+ HD provides customers with picture quality and detail that is 500% better than similar alternatives in the market. With so many options, including Sky+, Sky3D, Sky Store and Catch Up TV, daily viewing is guaranteed to provide entertainment for the whole family.

You can join Sky by calling 03300 412 558 and choose from many offers including its own Sky Broadband contract services, with the internet and talk plans. With Sky Fibre Unlimited, Unlimited or Lite, you can enjoy one of three choices for high-speed internet browsing at all peak times. Stay connected with your loved ones when using Sky Talk with your own Sky phone number. The low-cost Sky Line Rental and Sky’s other award-winning call packages give the customer unlimited connectivity. At no extra cost, you can upgrade to Sky Wifi which includes Sky Broadband Unlimited, Fibre Unlimited or Connect customers. This service offering will keep you online in several popular hotspots without worrying about getting on the internet.

NEW! Quad-Play Services for Sky Customers

Sky plans to establish its own mobile network that will serve the UK consumer markets as of 2016. The mobile network will be a joint venture between Sky and O2 through the latter’s principal owner, Telefonica. Sky will no longer exist as the only mobile network. Instead, it will serve as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator using the O2 network towers. Sky will not be the first MVNO firm considering such a move. Tesco already has such an arrangement with O2.

SkyGo, which is the company’s existing mobile TV service, boasts of 5.7 million subscribers. The fact that Telefonica plans to increase its 4G coverage in the country by up to 98 percent means that the subscribers can only grow in number.

With this mobile network offering, Sky will focus on offering a quad-play service. These services will remain as television, broadband, landline and mobile in a single package. Quad-play is very popular, and Sky hopes to build on its established success already. Virgin and TalkTalk have been offering to cater for people in need of these services and Sky will continue to be a player with strong customer service options.

Sky already boasts 11.5 million daily subscribers. The sky is the main competitor and it does not need to build any mobile network from scratch. Its customer service will also continue to provide quad-play customers with the most satisfaction. Prices will likely decrease and satisfaction overall will increase.

Through the arrangement with O2, the new mobile network will be able to provide customers with 2G and 3G services. Customers will also be able to benefit from 4G services by taking advantage of the nationwide network that O2 owns.

Currently, the company has been able to provide customers with triple-play services, which simply refer to a single package that includes broadband, telephone and Sky TV. Thus far, only mobile services have been missing from the package.

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Sky Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

Contact Sky Customer Service Number and Sky Helpline

Are you experiencing Sky related problems? Do you need a Sky Customer Service Number or a Representative?

The Sky customer service number or live chat feature is available 7 days a week, from 7 am to 11 pm (local time). You can also reach a call expert by using the Sky phone number 03442 411 653.

All Sky Talk customers receive complimentary customer service centre calls. Other Sky customers will be billed for any call made to a 03 Sky UK contact number. It will be billed at the same rate as those calls made to 02 or 01 numbers. These fees are already included in your monthly package. In case you are with a specific calling package, such charges may vary and apply depending on your provider. Also, check your provider’s tariff guide.

The sky is also available on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. There you can find an alternative to the Sky Helpline, with tips and other important information regarding Sky services.

If you have a specific issue, you can always visit the Sky contact number helpline page to learn more from the experts how to resolve your problem.

About Sky Broadband Customer Service

Sky Broadband provides customers with the fastest and most contemporary high-speed internet services in all of the UK. The sky is competitively investing in the most technologically advanced broadband, that is supported by innovation experts. Customers deserve enjoyable streamlined services. Faster internet browsing, speedy down and uploads, are helping share a better overall experience for Sky Broadband customers.

Sky offers two broadband services when you join Sky today, with or without television included in the package. These various packages offer customers tremendous value and financial savings when considering a broadband experience.

  • Sky Broadband Unlimited has no monthly usage cap. It offers 99.9% core network reliability. This is a package for those who want high-speed downloads and uploads and unlimited web browsing. If you want to enjoy daily emailing and web browsing, with your Sky TV, you can opt for Sky Broadband Lite.
  • Sky Fibre Unlimited offers everything, including, television streaming, web browsing, and high speeds, all at once.
  • Sky Email accounts are also included.

Sky’s Product Page Provides Information on All Plans and Features.



Sky Customer Service Contact Number Helpline

How to Contact Sky Broadband Customer Service

Are you experiencing Sky Broadband related problems? Do you need to speak with the Sky Broadband Contact Service?

Live chat representatives are available 7 days a week, from 7 am to 11 pm (local time). You can also call Sky broadband customer service experts. Just call Sky at 03300 412 544.

If you wish to join Sky Broadband or reach the Sky tv contract upgrade service, you can use the options at Sky’s products page. Get it all done online, or call Sky at 03300 412 547 to speak with an expert to get started today.

All Sky Talk customers receive complimentary customer service centre calls. Other Sky customers will be billed for any call made to a 03 Sky contact number. It will be billed at the same rate as those calls made to 02 or 01 numbers. These fees are already included in your monthly package. In case you are with a specific calling package, such charges may vary and apply depending on your provider. Also, check your provider’s tariff guide.

Sky UK Contact Address

Sky Subscriber Services Ltd
PO Box 43
West Lothian
EH54 7DD

(Or use live chat.)

General Tips to Contact Sky Phone Number Desk

When calling be prepared to select the topic you need resolving. Specific topics include Accounts and Billing, Sky Talk, Sky Broadband, Sky Go, Sky Go Extra, Moving, Termination, and much more. You can find tips how to go about your call by checking out the contact us page.

Calling Sky Broadband Customer Service

Different agents are entrusted with handling issues related to specific categories. These include Sky Broadband Lite, Sky Broadband Unlimited and Sky Fibre Unlimited. Therefore, please visit the Contact Us Page before considering to call Sky and when. There are many Sky telephone numbers to choose from depending on your issue, but you can use the live chat feature, or even send an email through your Sky Email Account.

What Sky UK Offers

Sky UK allows you to watch television shows and movies that you love. Options available range from Sky+ HD. Sky+, Sky 3D, Catch Up TV, to Sky Store. With any of these options, you get your preferred viewing experience. Enjoy all the entertainment you love so much with your choice how to watch. The Sky Helpline offers a customer service centre that is available to decide which package is right for you and your family. Additionally, to television, Sky also offers you Talk plans and Broadband services, and soon enough, mobile lines.

A Reminder When Contacting Sky UK Customer Service

There are many Sky telephone numbers for various needs so it is critical to have every relevant detail available when calling Sky customer service. You can learn more about Sky Contact number helpline options and the right Sky telephone number for you by planning your customer service experience prior to calling. You can also send an email with a complaint using your Sky Email Account to [email protected] if you need a Sky TV contract to raise an issue.

Do You Have Complaints?

While it is not desired, Sky takes complaints from all customers. When this happens, call Sky at 03442 411 653 and have your complaint solved by an expert. Your call will be free if you are on Sky Talk. Otherwise, check with your local provider regarding any communication tariffs. Finally, browsing Contact Us will improve the Sky helpline experience, to identify which agent handles your specific complaint category before calling them.

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Sky Customer Service
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