Sony Customer Service

Sony Customer Service
Sony Customer Service

Sony UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 7:00PM
Saturday ---
Sunday ---
Sony UK Routing Number
Press 1 For TV or home cinema
Press 2For computers and tablets

Sony Phone Number List

Sony Helpline UK Contact Number
Sony Customer Service Toll-Free 0800 7669 000
Presentation and communication 0800 789 8789
Prime Sony Support Video Security 0800 284 8688
03 Sony Mobile Support 0330 440 2060
Customer Care 0165 686 7250
Abroad +44 1932 816 000
Repairs and Complaints 0207 365 2810
Sony playstation 0203 538 2665
Credit card Enquiries 0137 964 9144
One Stop Helpdesk 0125 668 3871
Sony Xperia Phone Number 0370 523 7237
Sales 0207 365 2413

Sony Overview

Sony is the largest and the leading electronic manufacturing company in the UK and also offering its services in many other countries. They provide electronics, financial, gaming and groundbreaking technology entertainment services worldwide. Sony services are enjoyed by millions of customers all over the world. The Sony support team is always determined and eager to provide the best services to their customers.

Sony company provides different products and services. Having a various product have lead to an increment of enquiries on the different product. Thus Sony Customer Service has been divided into systematic departments where customers queries are tailored to the right department. Also, it has been made easy to obtain Sony mobile support through phone calls, emails, online platforms and letters. For more details on the company, contact Sony through the central customer service desk by calling 0125 668 3871 or visit their official UK website.

Sony Services

Being a leader in electronics and entertainment, Sony provides a broad range of products and services for its customers to choose from. These include different types of televisions, video and digital cameras, Sony Mobile Support such as tablets, smart watches and mobile devices, computers, audio systems as well as home theatre systems. For customers who like gaming, you can Contact Sony by dialling 0203 538 2665. Enquire about PlayStation video games. Also, through the Sony support lines, you can get a good spot of entertainment options in the form of Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited and PlayStation Network just to mention PlayStation Store, PlayStation music and PlayStation videos.

As part of Sony Customer Service, Sony has released compatible mobile apps that keep you updated on the new products on the store. The apps are available at the Google play store. You can also get hot deal products on their official site. To get more information about Sony product and services, use the Sony Helpline provided by the site.

Sony customer services

Contact Sony Customer Service

Customers who are facing difficulties with Sony products such as Sony Xperia mobile, PlayStation and others can reach Sony support through the  the list provided. For example, customers can direct their general enquiries to customer care by contacting 0125 668 3871The phone can be used to enquire about any service to all clients in the UK. For sale related questions, you should call the Sony phone number, 0207 365 2413. Customers can Contact Sony Customer desk from a landline by calling 0330 440 2060. Use this number for any Sony mobile support. If you are a UK resident who has travelled abroad, you can get help by dialling their overseas number which is +44 1932 816 000.

The Sony Helpline is not the only choice you have to get help. For customers who have an internet connection, use online support systems to get assistance. Visit the Sony contact us page and use live chat to communicate with the technical team. You can also Contact Sony through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

In case you do not find any satisfactory solution to your problem, you can always contact Sony Customer service desk by using the call details as mentioned above.

Write to Sony Customer Care

If you try to contact Sony Customer Service, it can be a nightmare that you probably don’t want to experience. You call may remain on hold for a quite some times and sometimes your may fail to connect to the help desk at all. Avoid the dragging calls and write to Sony Support. Use the following address:

Sony Europe Limited,



Surrey, KT13 0XW,

United Kingdom

Sony Helpline Tips

These services and representatives operate for limited hours, which means you should ideally make your calls during those business hours. For Sony Mobile Support and other products or services, enquiries use the Sony Helpline provided from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM. The phone numbers are also operational through Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM. On Sundays and holidays, Sony customer care is closed.

If you choose to contact through email, make sure to give the client service agents some time to respond to your query. It’s equally important to call the appropriate numbers to get help or assistance. Customers can also use store finder services to check for nearby stores. Visit their site for more information.

Sony Customer Service
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9 Comments to “Sony Customer Service”

  • Hi,
    Can I download a complete instruction manual for my SONY KDL- 32W705B
    S/No 6606764.

  • Entered a huge support query into the sony support form. Pressed Send and waited while the page retrieved a list of possible answers, which were way off. So pressed the Go ahead and send anyway button (not quite sure of correct text) and got a ‘not found’ page. Couldn’t get back to the original text that I had typed. Cannot be dealing with this crap at gone midnight on a Saturday night. Going to have to wait until Monday to give them a call.

  • I have purchased a Sony Camera DSC-HX300 and have downloaded to my computer Play Memories Home. Using the scant instructions on Pg 26 of the Camera Manual I have initiated the connection between the camera and computer.
    1] I do not get the message to connect the camera displayed.
    2] I try to get the Memory Card Play by pressing the ‘Playback’ button; followed by Power feed with the USB disconnected – OK action.
    3] The error message appears [ Only playback possible during USB power supply}
    4] A second message follows {Computer to use DSC-HX300 with Play Memories Home, the USB operation mode must be changed. Do you want to continue – YES
    5] The prepare to connect window result in the error message {Cannot switch “DSC-HD300” to Mass Storage mode check ‘DSC-DX300’ power and USB connection to your computer.

    I am in the dark as to resolve the situation and I need to get photos in my camera into the computer please help.

  • John Lewis unable to help First customer service agent answered after 5 mins very brusque Converstion consisted of , systems down phone tomorrow do want us to phone you back, angry sounding ! just about gave me the number before putting phone down.

    Phoned again a few minutes (7 minutes later) approx spoke to very helpful man who said We are doing updates so there won’t be anyone to answer your problem til after 6pm Asked about problem took model number etc and my phone number assures me someone will phone back also offered me the log number for the query before i asked Give the man a rise ! So much better experience 2nd time with the caveat that someone does get back . firs tcall hopeless

  • second post referring to above no body got back to me regarding the above query obviously i was lied to by the second agent too disgraceful service

  • when is you view update been released and if it has been released how do i get it ..i was told when i baught the tv it will get the update over the summer i baught the tv because i was tld by one of your spokes people that it had the youview feature on the software …then i called you to find out when it will be installed and was told begining of october ..

  • I and lots of other A6300 owners are having serious difficulties buying any add-ons apps from the download centre. We all seem to be getting this message when trying to complete a purchase.:-
    “An internal error has occurred.”

    Can you please get back to me on this.

  • a follow update : Free apps can be downloaded and installed without a problem (so long as I use Safari)

  • …and yet another update – it seems that it’s at least a problem with the purchase of the Timelapse app which is the one I want..

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