Sony Phone Number

Sony Phone Number
Sony Customer Service

Sony UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 7:00PM
Saturday ---
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Sony UK Routing Number
Press 1 For TV or home cinema
Press 2For computers and tablets

Sony Phone Number List

Sony Helpline Contact Number
Sony Customer Service Toll-Free 0800 766 9000
Presentation and communication 0800 789 8789
Prime Sony Support Video Security 0800 284 8688
Sony Mobile Support 0330 440 2060
Sony Mobile Support Customer Care 0165 686 7250
Sony Helpline Abroad +44 1932 816 000
Repairs and Complaints 0207 365 2810
Sony playstation 0203 538 2665
Credit card Enquiries 0137-964-9144
One Stop Helpdesk 0125 668 3871
Sony Xperia Phone Number 0370 523 7237
Sales 0207 365 2413

Sony Overview

When one thinks of the top games, HDTVs and electronics in the telecommunications industry, it is always best to utilise the services of one of the top global companies in the world. Sony UK is one of the largest electronics conglomerates in the United Kingdom. It was founded by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka in 1946 in Tokyo Japan.It is run by its CEO Kazuo Hirai and headquartered in Japan with offices around the world. Sony was started as a way to sell electronics that everyone could afford the best quality and as they have grown, they’ve added TVs and gaming consoles like the PS4 or Play Station 4.

The Sony corporation is a leading manufacturer of the best electronic products in the world today. It also has several subsidiaries located in several locations around the world. The company produces and distributes film and television programs around the world as well.You Can visit Sony website Sony for more information.

Sony Services

The products and services that Sony UK has include mobile gaming like tablets, phones and gaming consoles, TV products that include high definition and Blue Ray features and various electronic products like video recorders, cameras and music equipment. Sony is about gaming, high definition, and sharing experiences with family and friends, so as the internet changes and draws people closer together, so is Sony in changing their products to include features like TVs that stream movies and have apps like Facebook and Pandora or gaming consoles like the PS4 that let you play online with friends, create and share your own videos and set alarms for yourself all from your console. If you would like to learn about a Sony product, call a Sony Mobile Support number 0165 686 7250, and an operator can help you or you can Contact Sony by visiting on their website Contact Us page.

Sony Mobile Provide 24 hours Customer care Support and products offer the customers are a fairly new Sony Xperia series mobile devices, Sony is making a major dent into the market of telecommunication and technological advances in smart devices.

 Sony Customer Service helpline

Contact Sony Customer Service

To reach Sony UK, there are several options available to you through online resources and in store. If you are online and want to look at their latest electronic products, new gaming units, TVs and other features, you can visit Sony, or you can Contact Sony Mobile Support Number, 0800 7669 000. You can also stop in any electronics or gaming store as there are hundreds all throughout the UK that sells Sony products.

The Sony company provide different numbers for the various departments and products that it offers to customers for any queries. For this reason, it is important to check with the customer service on the aforementioned number to identify the best number to call where your issue has the best chance of being address properly.

You can also Contact Sony during regular business hours live operator Monday through Saturday for any enquiries.

 Sony Customer Service helpline

Write to Sony Customer Care

If you try to contact Sony Customer Service, it can be a nightmare that you probably don’t want to experience. You call may remain on hold for a quite some time and sometimes you are may fail to connect to the help desk at all. Avoid the dragging calls and write to Sony Support. Use the following address:

Sony Electronics Inc
Sony Dr,
Park Ridge,
NJ 07656,

Sony Contact Number Helpline Tips

If you Contact Sony UK during regular business hours you can reach a live operator Monday through Saturday with closing times varying dependant on the location. A Sony can help you with product related questions, or you can call the Sony helpline phone number 0800 284 8688 after hours to access their automated system, but it’s better to go online so you can view their products.

Sony Phone Number
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