Sony PS4 Customer Service

Sony PS4 Customer Service
Sony PS4 Customer Service

Sony PS4 UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM
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Sony PS4 UK Routing Number
Press 1 Console and accessories Support
Press 2PlayStation Network support

Sony PS4 Phone Number Tips

Sony PS4 Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Live Customer Service Number 0800 345 7669
Telephone Phone Number 0203 538 2665

Sony PS4 overview

Sony PS4 is the best and more recent console released by the Sony electronics department. The console electronic gaming gadget is a choice for many people around the world. The first PlayStation produced by Sony can be traced back in 1994. Since then, Sony has been improving the touch of the PlayStation. Sony PS4 unit was released back in 2013 and ranked the top choice in the console gaming gadgets. Sony has given PS4 an entirely different touch taking entertainment to a whole different level by providing HD games.

Earlier this year, Sony announced that over 35 million Sony PlayStation 4 had been sold worldwide. If you are new to the console games, or a previous customer you should try Sony PS4 and take your experience to the next level. The PS4 game has outweighed its competitors such as Xbox by a wider margin. Contact Playstation support desk and learn the modern video games that you can play. Use the helpline provided by this site to contact Sony PS4 Customer Service.

Sony PS4 Services

Sony PlayStation has brought a new world full of wonderful gaming experience to most of the gamers. With the introduction of the new Sony PS4 console and games, gaming has undergone a sea of changes. Not only have they become more interactive and more social, but even offer an out of the world experience as well. Sony PS4 offers over 180 HD games. More so, you can listen to your favourite movie or watch a movie while playing these console games.

Sony PS4 helpline offers gamers especially those who resides in the UK experiences benefits and answers. You can visit your nearby store and learn more about these benefits. The technical support also offers upgrades to console gadgets every year, If you haven’t received an update, you can Contact PlayStation through the helpline provided by this site. More information can be found by visiting the Sony PlayStation official website.

Sony PS4 helpline

Contact Sony PS4 Customer Service

Although the PlayStation comes with the manual for the customers, other reasons may make you want to contact PlayStation technical team. Sony has made this possible by providing their clients with Sony helpline and online platforms. For examples, If you wish to reach customer service and enquire on how to download system updates for your Sony PS4, dial 0203 538 2665You will be automatically directed to their technical support team. This phone number can also be used by customers who wish to upgrade from PS3 to PS4 and also to receive PlayStation networks.

An alternative for contacting Sony PS4 Customer Service is through community forums, which are often extremely helpful when seeking answers to your queries. If interested in reading more blogs or staying in touch with the PlayStation, you can subscribe to receive email updates. You can also Contact PlayStation on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. More information on how to use online platforms and helpline can be found at Sony PS4 contact us support page.

Sony PS4 Customer service

Write to Sony PS4 Customer Care

You can avoid the drag phone calls and Contact PlayStation through the snail post but only when using your efficient writing skills. Write an email or send a letter to the Sony PS4 Customer Service. Use the following address:

KT13 0XW

Contact Sony PS4 Helpline Tips

Customers who are need to call the Sony PS4 Customer Service to ask for assistance or want to give a refund, you can do so by dialling the Sony PS4 phone numbers listed above. Be sure to call only during the working hours. Make sure you Contact Playstation any day from Monday to Saturday between 10 AM and 9 PM. Also while dialling 0203 538 2665have your PS4 serial number near you as the PS4 Customer Support may enquire it.

The Sony PS4 customer service is always eager to assist you with all PS4 related enquiries. The technical team will guide you on how to solve the problem you are experiencing if it is a minor. If you don’t receive any help with the console gaming gadget, you may raise a complaint using the outlined procedure. Alternatively, the online FAQ made available to Contact PlayStation is one of the best and should ideally be accessed before turning to other options.

Sony PS4 Customer Service
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14 Comments to “Sony PS4 Customer Service”

  • Hi I purchased a ps4 brand new package at the game shop and it was meant to come with one month free trial code for online but this was not in the box. Could you please email me the code as game says its a Sony issue.
    I await your response.

  • Hi,

    I purchased a playstation 4 from the above website, I have received the product, the packaging states it should be 500gb storage space, when set up it is 408gb. Surely this cant be right, I understand you do lose space, but 92gb that is excessive. Surely the product should be advertised at nearer 400gb than the 500gb showing on the box. Can you offer some assistance in this matter.

    Kind Regards

    Brendan Smith

  • i have been charged twice for a game , and was told i was getting a refund but as yet i have not, every time i phone the company, no one answers, can someone please tell me how i go about getting my refund, thanking you Adam,

  • Dear Sony my ps4 won’t boot ever time I boot it it goes into safe mode and I tried resetting the ps4 but it says error. It will only boot in safe mode ,Please help

    • Select option 4 from the menu in safe mode. It says you may lose some saved data but i didn’t lose anything. I just had to set up my PS4 settings again.

    • Try restoring database. I had the same problem, can’t exactly remember how I fixed it but it wasn’t too hard I don’t think. Actually, I might’ve sorted it out by restoring my ps4 to factory settings. Just check that that doesn’t delete any of your data, I don’t think it does. Hope I helped :D, it frustrated me a lot lol.

      • Wow, Just saw when That was posted, doubt it’s still booting up in safe mode xD… Lmao

  • Can you help me plz? I try to buy Ps4 units with 10 games 2 controls on alibaba for $500us dollars and I have been scam plz help me

  • My ps4 account has been suspended please unsupend it

  • I have unfortunately broke my ps4 system it fell of my wall shelf and has broke how do I go about getting it fixed please help!!!!

  • Id just like to say that everyone knows the DS4s durability is a joke and it’s about time you fixed it. It’s built in obsolescence at its finest. I’m gunna be on my 5th controller, but I’m not cos I’m not buying another one. It doesn’t function properly, I don’t care if it’s manageable, I didn’t pay £50 for an ok controller. Your team knows that the DS4s analogs sticks are absolutely unacceptably bad so fix them! I’m not buying another one and I’m not wasting more of my time paying to ship off my controller so you useless baboons can send me another useless one. I’m done with Sony, no chill. You are a greedy company. Like Activision/Bungie have proven to be with Destiny. No respect for gamers, no respect for the people who already give you enough money that you don’t even deserve…

  • My PlayStation 4 keeps ejecting my discs at completely random times and I find it very frustrating, could you please tell me how I can fix this or where it can be repaired from.

    Thank You.

  • My PS4 is not working *Blue flashing light problem and no display on my tv* how can this be fixed as it coming up on nearly 4 months now I haven’t been able to use it!!!!

  • I have a email set up with my ps3 and ps4 but I cant enter my email because I forgot my passcode and I would like to set my ps3 and ps4 with an new email without losing all the purchase items that I have on file how can I change my email and still keep my downloadable items

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