Southern Electric Customer Service

Southern Electric Customer Service
Southern Electric Customer Service

Southern Electric UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 2:00PM
Sunday ---

Southern Electric Phone Number Tips

Southern Electric Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Gas and Electricity Emergencies (Toll-Free) 0800 111 999
Moving Home 0800 107 9639
Meter Reading 0800 107 3205
Bill Payments 0800 980 9649
Electricity Pay-As-You-Go 0800 980 0414
Gas Pay-As-You-Go 0800 980 0427
Text Phone 0800 622 839
03 SSE Customer Service Number 0345 078 3200
Broadband Services 0345 071 9886

Southern Electric Overview

Southern Electric is a UK leading energy producing company. The company provide both gas and electricity to homesteads and businesses. It’s a combination of several brands just to name them, Scottish Hydro Electric, SWALEC, Southern Electric Power Distribution, and more brands. The merging of the brands happened in the late 90s and SSE brand was born. The company has employed over 10,000 workers to ensure that every homestead or business has gas and electricity. The company has also diversified it services to include more tariffs.

Energy supply is the most competitive business in the UK with many tariffs being in the market. However, Southern Electric has top its competitors. The secret is  Southern Electric Customer Service. If you are customers looking for the best energy supply company with quick responsive, then SSE has them. For customers owning either small or large enterprises looking for a source of electricity or gas, then Southern Electric is the company to switch to. For more information about the company, use the Southern Electric Phone Number 0345 078 3200 and the customer care team will be happy to answer any queries in your mind.

Southern Electric Services

Southern Electric offers services to homes as well as businesses. Its range of services is truly varied and almost all encompassing;

  • Gas
  • Electricity plans
  • Telephone
  • Broadband
  • Heating and wiring

Customers can ask Southern Electric Customer Service assistance to learn how to apply these services. For example, you can contact 0345 071 9886 for broadband services or any other mobile related enquiries. Also, Contact Southern Electric and get assisted with the cost effective method of gas and electricity installation services. For more details about the various services provided by Southern Electric, visit their official website or seek help through the Southern Electric contact us page.

Southern Electric Phone Number

Contact Southern Electric Customer Service

Southern Electric provides the best services and support. However, there are various reasons to contact their team. The reasons can be;

  • Account information
  • Payment
  • Moving home services
  • Better tariffs plans and pricing
  • Energy saving tips

For customers, experiencing issues with the metre, Contact Southern Electric by dialling toll-free 0800 107 3205. The number is free to call. For gas leakage or electricity emergency, Southern Electric Customer Service can be reached through 0800 111 999, and you will receive immediate help. Customers experiencing moving house issues should dial 0800 107 9639General enquiries related to the company should be directed to the Southern Electric helpline number provided. Similarly, if you have an emergency with your pay as you go metre, you can call 0800 980 0414 for electricity and 0800 980 0427 for gas metres.

Alternatively, customers can receive assistance through the Southern Electric Contact us page. You can write your question directly with the support team. Social platforms can also be used to communicate with Southern Electric departments. Examples are Facebook and Twitter.

Write to Southern Electric Customer Care

Using the Southern Electric phone number centre can be a hassle. Avoid the call altogether! If you have a hearing impairment, text Southern Electric Customer service through textphone 0800 622 839. Emails and letter are also allowed to Contact Southern Electric but expect a late response. Use the following address:

Southern Electric customer care

Robert Brown House,

Pipers Way,

Thatcham RG19 4AZ

Southern Electric Helpline Tips

For customers with any issues with the service or the account, use the Southern Electric Contact us. Also, for those who wish to make phone calls, the helpline numbers are available from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday through to Friday and 8 AM to 2 PM on Saturdays. Sunday and holidays they do not open. Call within the opening hours and report and issues, complaint, outages or emergencies and the support team will be happy to assist. It is also helpful to avoid calling between the hours 11AM and 2PM when the lines are at their busiest during the weekdays.

While the Southern Electric customer service desk is readily available, they believe that a lot of queries can be resolved online, either by way of their FAQs or through the use of their online assistance service. Therefore, it is preferred that you use those services before making a call. However, in cases of emergency, this rule does not apply.

Southern Electric Customer Service
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  • Your posting is abostulely on the point!

  • Dear Sir or Madam

    I would like to come back to SSE and would like to re start my account I wondered wheather you could help.
    Look forward to hearing from you


    Mark Sanger

  • An absolute shambles unable to help customers problems hours of waiting on phone nobody picks up a fiasco from start to finish! After all this still no electricity!

  • I have just switched to SSE and due to various problems was unable to Activate my Account.
    My thanks must go to ‘Wendy’ at Customer Services for sorting these problems out.
    Three telephone calls all made at precisley the time specified and over 40 minutes later
    my Account was Activated.
    Wendy was calm and collected throughout and a joy to deal with.
    Many thanks once again and Well Done!

    Well done

  • Sorry if my comments were too long, however my thanks must go to Wendy in Customer Services for her help

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