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Spark Energy Contact Number
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We have all grown increasingly dependent on electricity these days, sometimes even gas. We love our heat, we love our lights and we love the internet of course! Charging our phones or tablets, watching television, even something as simple as turning on the fan, all these things need electricity to generate energy. Without electricity, it might as well be the apocalypse. Or pretty close to it.

We could never begin to imagine how our ancestors did it in the past, living without energy, depending on lanterns or natural sunlight to illuminate their lives, doing mundane things like playing chess to get rid of boredom.

This is your guidebook for all information related to Spark Energy including all of the Spark Energy contact numbers and Spark Energy customer service needs. The company works with UK’s top property agents to get everything energy-wise ready for customers when they move in. While it might sound simple and wonderful, there are still many things that we do not understand about energy, which is where Spark Energy customer service comes in. Spark Energy phone numbers are outlined with conciseness and clarity within this article.

Spark Energy Phone Numbers List

Spark Energy Helpline UK Contact Number
Spark Energy Customer Service 0345 034 7474
Customer Care Direct 0333 321 4022
Automated Service 0345 130 8966
Spark Energy Complaints 0345 130 8355
Spark Energy Phone Number Emergencies 0800 111 999
Electrical Emergency Service 0800 783 8838 (East England)
0800 056 8090 (East Midlands)
0800 028 0247 (London)
0800 328 1111 (Midlands)
0800 668 877 (North East England)
0800 072 7282 (Southern Area)
0800 783 8866 (South East England)
0800 052 0400 (South Wales)
0800 365 900 (South West England)
0800 375 675 (Yorkshire Area)
0800 300 999 (North Scotland)
Energy Ombudsman 0330 440 1624 

Spark Energy Customer Service

Improving your experience as a client is one of the main values of the leader’s service Spark Energy and its major commitments. They have appointed a Spark Energy customer service call centre with a team of carefully trained care service staff members to handle all customers’ enquiries.

As an independent energy supplier, they put their customers as their top priority. With the Spark Energy helpline, there is less talk and more action, and they promise that there is always someone at the end of the line when you call or online when you click. They promise to do all the legwork and simplify energy for you so that you wouldn’t have to worry about your energy supply and get to spend your time doing something fun.

If you are having issues with your energy services please contact Spark Energy customer service at the following number 0345 034 7474. An agent is ready to answer your general enquiries about offered electric and gas services. You can ask any questions you have regarding the company, or even make payment through this customer care centre. This given Spark Energy contact number, 0333 321 4022, also allows you to present your meter readings upon request. Sometimes you are confused about a bill, that is, paying too much and this will help correct any inconsistencies.

Experiencing financial inconveniences that might prevent you from making payments? Fear not, dial any of the listed Spark Energy phone numbers above and discuss with one of their customer service representatives. Spark Energy customer service is available to take your calls from 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday. The call centre is also open Saturday from 9am to 2pm. It is closed on Sunday and public holidays.

Contact Spark Energy

Alternatives to Contact Spark Energy

Not only can you reach out to customer service through the provided Spark Energy phone number, there is an online form which you can fill out as an online submission of your enquiries. Or you can reach out to one of the representatives through Live Chat, and chat with them in real-time and online. Expect replies to these forms and online portals within 24 hours. If you have not heard after a day, it is important you use one of the Spark Energy Contact Numbers.

If you wish to mail a letter to express your complaints or questions, feel free to send your letter to the following address:

Ettrick Riverside
Dunsdale Road
Selkirk, TD7 5EB

If you wish to, there is a Spark Energy application for you to download on iOS and Android to make your life in handling your energy much easier.

Download the iOS app or the Android app.

Media & Press Enquiries

It is regrettable to inform you that there is no Spark Energy contact number for media and press enquiries. Nevertheless, journalists are encouraged to visit the main webpage or write an email for any media and press requests. They will answer your queries from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. These services are not available on Saturdays, Sundays or Public Holidays.

Automated Service

The Spark Energy helpline for automated service is available for you 24 hours a day. You can contact Spark Energy customer service using their automated number, 0345 130 8966 to make payment or submit meter readings. Remember, you will not speak to a human being.

Spark Energy Customer Service

Spark Energy Complaints and Comments

In any case that you are unhappy with Spark Energy customer services, they would be eager to receive your complaint and address it with diligence. Sometimes it is an issue about late fees or monthly mistakes on the statement. After all, when the computer is wrong, it is wrong and the company’s customer service is their top priority. They want to make sure that you are happy with everything they have to offer in making your energy-wise life easier.

Contact Spark Energy helpline for formal complaints using this number, 0345 130 8355. Once you connect with a person you can express your dissatisfaction. One of the Spark Energy complaints team members will speak with you to understand your situation and handle the issue with full attention. Please try and be polite so that the agent does not get flustered and can help with 100% confidence. There will be a complaint case number for you and you will be asked to allow a 24-hour period for them to solve the issue and reach back to you.

Spark Energy Complaints

If it happens that they won’t be able to help you with your problem within 24 hours, you will be given full details of the Spark Energy complaints team member handling your case. The issue will be given a run-through by an escalated customer relationship manager, with the aim to solve your issue within the next five working days. If Spark Energy is still unable to address your issue properly within the next five working days due to its complexity, you will be given regular updates. You are allowed to refer the issue to a senior manager if you are unhappy with the way Spark Energy customer services has been dealing with your issue.

Energy Ombudsman

If your case is still under review after eight weeks of lodging, you have the option to ask for a letter that will allow you to reach out to the Energy Ombudsman. This service known as the Energy Ombudsman is an expert service with the aim to find solutions for all Spark Energy complaints. Contact them directly at 0330 440 1624 to explain your situation and request for their assistance. If you do not wish to call, you can send them an email.

There is also an Energy Ombudsman address to which you can write a letter:

Energy Ombudsman
PO Box 966
Warrington, WA4 9DF

Gas Emergency Service

While gas incidents are rare, they are still dangerous and could be life threatening if not handled with precision and efficiency. Do not ever assume that the weird smell in your home will just fade away. If you smell gas, take your cell phone and all people in your home, and leave. Then walk a distance of 100 metres from your home and then call the emergency number, which is toll-free 0800 111 999.

If you smell gas, suspect that you have a gas leak, or happen across some kind of gas related emergencies, do not hesitate to dial the Spark Energy helpline and make a report. This case will be taken very seriously and a repair team will immediately come to your residence.

In such cases, you should keep in mind to keep all doors and windows open to improve ventilation in the area. Keep a fire extinguisher handy to extinguish naked flames. You must not switch on or off any electrical switches, or smoke or strike matches to avoid fatal ignition.

Spark Energy phone number

Additional Electrical Emergency Services

There are different numbers to dial when it comes to electrical emergencies, depending on your electricity network operator. There is a list of Spark Energy phone numbers for you to call in such cases.

If you live in East England, get in touch with the UK Power Networks on 0800 783 8838.

For those who are located in the East Midlands, reach out to Western Power Distribution by dialling 0800 056 8090.

Call UK Power Networks on 0800 028 0247 if you live in the London area.

The Western Power Distribution number is 0800 328 1111 for those of you residing in the Midlands.

For those of you who are living in North East England, dial 0800 668 877 for CE Electric in the case of electrical emergencies.

The contact number for SSE Power Distribution for residents in the Southern area is 0800 072 7282.

If you are living in South East England, reach out to the UK Power Networks on 0800 783 8866.

For those who are located in South Wales, get in touch with the Western Power Distribution by dialling 0800 052 0400.

South West England customers can call the Western Power Distributor 0800 365 900.

Yorkshire Area residents should contact 0800 375 675 for CE Electric.

Residents in North Scotland should get in touch with SSE Power Distribution on 0800 300 999 in the case of electrical emergencies.

Of course, the emergency Spark Energy helplines may not suffice. If you happen to be facing an electrical emergency, keep a distant from the haphazard and do not get close to it. You should also warn everyone to evacuate the area immediately to avoid collateral damage.

Contact Spark Energy via Social Media

Contact Spark Energy

Spark Energy, as an independent energy supplier in the UK, is aware that there are customers who might wish to keep in contact or keep up to date with their news via social media instead of through the list of Spark Energy contact numbers provided. Thus, they have set up basic social network outlets for exactly those kind of customers. It is important to follow these two social media channels to maintain updated information daily.

Spark Energy Overview

Spark Energy Contact Number

Spark Energy started in 2007 as a small start-up company, inspired by people in the letting industry to address the difficulties confronting property agents, landlords, and tenants by utility suppliers. Their current base is in Selkirk, a converted former mill building.

It is the only energy firm headquartered in Scotland to outrank all of the Big Six energy firms – British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON UK, Npower, ScottishPower, and SSE – in terms of customer satisfaction for their services and products. Since its start-up in 2007 as a menial energy company, Spark Energy has managed to expand into an energy conglomerate that services more than 110,000 customers.

The key to the company’s operations are the investment in both people and technology, and the unwavering support they have received from Scottish Investment Bank (SIB) and Scottish Enterprise. These are invaluable to them as they have allowed the company access to reliable support, such as vital investment, at major inflexion points along with their growth path.

Much of Spark Energy’s success is attributed to its strong commitment to high standards of customer service. They are ready to address and help customers as soon as their issues are reported.

The means to stay connected to Spark Energy are as follow:

  • Spark Energy contact numbers
  • Drop an email
  • Send a letter
  • Live Chat
  • Spark Energy application
  • Social media
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