Student Finance Contact Number Helpline

Student Finance Contact Number Helpline
Student Finance Customer Service

Student Finance UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 4:00PM
Sunday 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Student Finance Number List

Student Finance Contact Number Helpline UK Number
Residents of England Customer Care 0300 100 0607
Minicom Student Finance Customer Service 0300 100 0622
Student Finance Phone Number 0141 243 3600
Student Finance Wales Contact 0141 243 3960
Student Finance Northern Ireland 0300 200 7089


Contact Student Finance UK Overview

Student Finance is a program that the UK government has created to enable the university students to receive financial assistance to raise money for tuition fee loans, maintenance loans and maintenance grants to mention a few.

The service is available for English students who study full-time or part-time. The application process in England is different from the procedure in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales.

The service is also available for students from the EU countries. The only challenge is that the EU students must apply by downloading and filling the application forms accurately. The UK students are the only ones allowed to apply online. With the help of the simple tutorial in this page, applying for the Student Finance UK program will be done quickly.

Student Finance Services

Applying for Student Finance continues up to 9 months after the beginning of a new academic year. Applications are also possible via post. The service is necessary, according to the UK government, to ensure that students continue studying and benefiting from higher education.

Under this scheme, students are able to apply for loans that enable them to pay tuition fees for university and college. The loans help students meet their living costs as well. Students who have children, or they themselves are or earn low incomes can apply for and get bigger amounts.

Students who are eligible for this loan are those qualified for university or college education. A student who is qualified for a course is also eligible for the loan. A student who has previously studied a higher education course is eligible for the loan as well.

Students should not confuse the Student Finance Wales contact program for the UK option. On this note, the Student Finance Northern Ireland contact information should be enough for students to apply as well.

Contact Student Finance Customer Service

You can contact Student Finance England customer service for different issues including appeals and complaints. Other issues that should drive you to call customer service and ask questions regarding your loan include European Services Team as well as Advanced Learning Loans.

From Monday through Friday, students can contact the helpline between 8am and 8pm for more assistance. The Student Finance phone number that you should call to check the status of your loan application or receive any other piece of helpful information is 0300 100 0607. If you are hearing impaired, then the Student Finance number for this service is 0300 100 0622. The student finance calculator will help students determine the cost of calling when applying for the program. Emergency issues can be directed to any of the customer services centers including the student finance Northern Ireland contact number above. The Student Finance helpline contact information provided by students will help the customer service deliver efficient solutions.

The Student Finance helpline also extends to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook on our website. The Student Finance contact number helpline information will also help international scholars as well when reaching the program organisers.

Student Finance Contact Number Helpline

Write to Student Finance Customer Service

When using a student finance phone number option is not available, you can always write out your enquiry.

Student Finance England

PO Box 210

Darlington DL1 9HJ

Student Finance Contact Number Helpline Tips

Calling Student Finance for any question, clarification or complaint is possible between 8am and 8pm from Monday to Friday or on Saturday from 9am to 4pm.

If calling and texting do not appeal to you, consider writing and sending a letter to Student Finance England, PO Box 210, Darlington DL1 9HJ. From outside the United Kingdom, students can simply call +44 (0) 141 243 3570 as the right Student Finance Number with only an extension of the working hours up to 5:30pm.

Students should ensure to follow the right method of lodging a complaint. It helps the program organisers to provide a smooth and easy solution in a time of need.

The Student Finance England contact numbers to use when applying for the program should be directed to the right department for easy review. Since the Student Finance Wales contact service provides different information, it is important to make a proper enquiry before applying.

The Student Finance contact number helpline is one of the best resources to help students get started and registered for the program as well. Students within the United Kingdom can simply make use of the Student Finance England contact to get helpful application information. Most importantly, the Student Finance Wales program should not be taken as a UK loan service.

Student Finance Contact Number Helpline
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