Sunmaster Contact Numbers

Sunmaster Contact Numbers

Sunmaster UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9.00 am - 5.30 pm
Saturday 9.00 am - 5.30 pm
Sunday 10.00 am - 5.30 pm

Sunmaster Departments UK Contact Number
Customer Services 0344 493 0009
Bookings 0871 700 0031
Complaints 0844 493 0009
Holiday Sales 0127 442 2333
Holiday Emergency 0798 445 6851

Sunmaster Customer Services

Sunmaster customer services number is 0344 493 0009. If you need help with anything after you have booked with them, this is the number you will be calling. This implies if you have questions about getting a name changed, adding people or bags, or about payment, they will answer every question. Moreover, any of your questions regarding the flight, the destination and the hotel, meals included, places to visit, will be answered by their friendly customer support. Be it additional information you want to seek or you need clarification with something, they are available on this number.

Their lines are open from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Saturday and 10.00 am to 5.30 pm on Sunday. Hence, whatever it is that you need to talk to them about, please ensure you are following these hours so that you effectively get in touch with them.

Sunmaster Holidays Complaints

Sunmaster holidays complaints number is 0844 493 0009. If you have any complaint or enquiries, you can approach this Sunmaster contact number UK for the redress and registration of your complaints.

Sunmaster Bookings

The Sunmaster bookings number is 0871 700 0031. To book the desired holiday with them, you will be calling on this number. Moreover, if you are confused between a number of options, you can reach them using the provided number and they will help you out make your decision. If you are not even aware of the holidays provided by this company, their cooperative team will elaboratively let you know about cheap but memorable holiday options available to you that suit your needs and conditions.

Moreover, if you are travelling as a group, you would be following the same Sunmaster group booking number mentioned above to make your bookings. You can learn all about group bookings including if there are any additional charges, the possible discounts or the maximum number of people there can be in a group.

Sunmaster Holiday Emergency

Sunmaster Holiday Emergency helpline number is 0798 445 6851. Unfortunately, if you are on your holidays and faced with any sort of calamity or unforeseen event, you can contact this Sunmaster emergency helpline number and have your problem solved. The company will try to solve the matter by contacting the local hotel. If it didn’t get solved, the company will accommodate you in another hotel of the same standard and facilities. A refund can also be considered if you return from the holidays without spending considerable time.  In addition to this, if you need to know who to contact and how in case something goes wrong during the journey and any other aspect with respect to it, they are simply a phone call away!

Sunmaster Head Office Address

Dean Clough Mills
Bowling Mill
Dean Clough

Alternate Sunmaster Free Contact

If you find the above-mentioned contact details insufficient to address the issue you are wishing to contact them for, you do not need to worry. Make use of the following alternate contact details.

Sunmaster Contact Form

At first, it is appreciated that you go through the Sunmaster FAQs before giving them a call, as most of the general issues have already been addressed there and the matter you are contacting them for might probably be mentioned there too!

You can also make use of Sunmaster contact form. You will need to provide your booking details, select the field you are contacting them for and write down your query before you send your email. This will enable you to narrow down your question and provide them with an ease addressing it. The query type includes all the possible issues you might encounter, including booking amendments, payments, issues with the opening of your documents, incorrect documents and online check-ins. Therefore, for all these, and other issues, you might as well send them an email using the form.

Sunmaster Complaints

Other than writing them a complaint to their head office address, you can fill in the online Sunmaster complaint form. They will ask for a couple of your personal details and the area you are making a complaint about, namely flights, accommodations, transfers and other. Hence, if your complaint is about any of the mentioned aspects, make use of the form to let them know their area(s) of improvement.

Sunmaster Contact Tips

You can also get in touch with them using their social media profiles and get to know about everything new they have to offer! Connect with them now no:

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