SuperBreak Contact Numbers

SuperBreak Contact Numbers

SuperBreak UK Operation Hours

All Days 10.00 - 8.00 pm

SuperBreak Departments UK Contact Number
SuperBreak Customer Services 0190 471 7362
SuperBreak Customer Relations 0190 442 0445
SuperBreak Travel Agency Sales 0190 443 6000
SuperBreak Hotel Contracting 0190 475 4523
SuperBreak Finance and Accounts 0190 471 7393
SuperBreak Marketing and E-Commerce 0190 442 8985
SuperBreak Groups 0190 442 0454

SuperBreak Customer Services

The SuperBreak customer services number is 0190 471 7362. You can give a call at this number if there is anything that you need to ask them about the breaks they are offering. Moreover, if you need to make bookings over the phone, this is the number you will dial. Their lines are open from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm, all the days of the week. Therefore, whatever it is that you need to call them for, make sure you are following the mentioned hours.

SuperBreak Customer Relations

The SuperBreak customer relations number is 0190 442 0445, and you can dial this number for all the post-break queries. This implies that you will be contacting the given number if you have anything to ask after you have returned from your holiday with SuperBreak. This could mean a query about formalities to be fulfilled after the break or any complaint about dissatisfaction which you might have encountered during the break. Whatever the reason you want to get in touch with them after you have come back, make sure you know this number to reach them!

Their phone lines are open from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday. Follow these hours to ensure effective communication.

SuperBreak Travel Agency Sales

The SuperBreak travel agency sales number is 0190 443 6000. If you are a travel agent affiliated with SuperBreak or if you are looking to become one, you can give a call on the given number and ask for all the necessary required details. This means that if some problem arises with your travel agent account login on the SuperBreak website or you have some other related query, you simply need to call the given number and all your issues will be resolved.

SuperBreak Hotel Contracting

The SuperBreak hotel contracting number is 0190 475 4523. If your hotel is not yet listed with SuperBreak and you want it to, contact their respective officials on the given number and they will let you know all about how would you be able to do it and what perks are included. Other than this, if you have any concern with respect to your contract with SuperBreak, all your reservations will be addressed by the team available on the other end of this number.

SuperBreak Finance and Accounts

The SuperBreak finance and accounts number is 0190 471 7393. In case there is an issue with your payments at SuperBreak, address them using this number and they will guide you through all the money related issues. If you paid through debit or credit card but your payment was not accepted or you already paid but it was not cleared, or you have some other enquiry to ask with respect to paying their dues, their finance and accounts department will help you out at every step. In case you are having an issue withdrawing your refund or some other issues with it, let them know and they will find a solution for all of it!

SuperBreak Marketing and E-Commerce

The SuperBreak marketing and e-commerce number is 0190 442 8985. If you are an advertising company or a marketing major meaning to get in touch with them, you can easily contact the respective officials at the given number. Likewise, every question relating to their online business and all the related details can be asked for through the number mentioned.

SuperBreak Groups

The SuperBreak groups number is 0190 442 0454. They also arrange group travels for a birthday bash, a family getaway or a stag or hen do. It is applicable if you are ten or more people or you need five or more rooms. If you already know how their group bookings work, you simply need to give them a call at the given number to make your bookings. However, if you have any confusions or you need to know more about it, then as well their groups team will guide you through every bit you are not sure about. If you need to know about what would happen if someone in the group cancels or how to make amendments to the existing group booking, they will not only let you know all about it but do as requested as well.

SuperBreak Head Office Address


Eboracum Way
YO31 7RE

SuperBreak Emails

Firstly, it is highly advisable that you go through he SuperBreak FAQs page to see if your desired matter is already addressed there. They have answered most general questions people ask while making bookings, after the booking has been made, about rail breaks, hotel breaks and much more. If your issue is not mentioned there, then you can either give them a call or send an email at [email protected].

Likewise, you can also send them an email at [email protected] for all the queries and matters that come up after you have returned from your holiday with SuperBreak.

Moreover, email for travel agency sales is [email protected].

If you need to contact them for hotel contracting, email them at [email protected].

In case you were not able to reach them over the phone, you might contact their accounts and finance team on the email [email protected].

Similarly, if you wish to get in touch with their groups team, you can email at [email protected] for making bookings and requesting additional information as well.

SuperBreak enlists all the current vacancies on the SuperBreak careers page and you can learn all about each of them by clicking on the desired post. To send in CVs and cover letters, you will need to know the email address [email protected].

SuperBreak Contact Tips

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