Swift Cover Insurance Phone Number

Swift Cover Insurance Phone Number
Swiftcover Customer Service


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Swiftcover UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 9:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Sunday 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Swiftcover UK Routing Number
Press 1 For new claim
Press 2For information about claim you all ready do

Swiftcover Phone Number Tips

Swiftcover Helpline Contact Numbers
Swiftcover Telephone Number (Main) 0330 024 6394
Home Insurance Policy 0330 024 6423
Emergency Roadside Breakdown 0800 107 7006
Car Insurance Payment 0330 024 6409
Non-Claim Discount Queries 0330 024 6408
Legal Protection 0330 024 8076
Emergency Helpline 0330 024 8073
Travel Claim 0330 024 8072
Home Insurance Claims 0330 024 8076
Complaints 0330 024 6389
General Car Insurance Claim 0371 984 3333

Swiftcover Insurance Overview

Swiftcover Insurance UK is a top insurance company across the United Kingdom that has been in service since 2005. It was started to help people utilise insurance policies that they may need for home and personal benefits. Headquartered in Surrey, England, it comes under the parent company ASA Group. Swift Cover is one of the favoured insurance companies in the insurance industry because it’s easy to get quotes and coverage and you can pay your bills online, check on claims or print the documents you need all from their website.

New customers can request quotes while existing ones can log into their online account and do the following:

  • Manage their policy covers
  • View certificates and documents
  • Make insurance claims
  • Add new policy cover

No charges apply when you update personal details or go paperless. And the best part is that it’s available 24/7. All you need is a PC with internet connection to access your account online. Call Swiftcover phone number helpline 0330 024 6423 for any issue related to insurance services and products.

Swiftcover Insurance Services

SwiftCover Insurance UK is a great full-service insurance company. With everything from speciality claims, insurance for vans, boats, cars and jewellery, a lot of people utilise this service because of its great features that are available online at a glance. You can make changes to your policy, upgrade it, print out documents you need, file claims and manage your policies. You don’t even have to call 0330 024 8076 reps to have them send copies of certificates to you the way some insurance companies are. With SwiftCover insurance, you are guaranteed that all your materials are accessible and within your grasp. If you need to speak to a switchboard rep, call a Swift Cover Insurance phone number, and they will tell you about their services and features.

Customers who have any question regarding the home insurance policy should dial the Swiftcover Phone Number 0330 024 6423. Swiftcover team will be ready to talk to you about the level of your insurance cover and the even explain the home policy.
Alternatively, you can use the internet to get assistance from Swiftcover Customer Service. Being an online cover insurance company, you can expect a quick response in any online platform you choose within 48 hours.

Swift Cover Insurance Services

Swiftcover Insurance Customer Service

To reach out to Swift Cover Insurance UK, there are several great options available to you given their amazing, user-friendly website. If you are online and want to look at their products or details from your account, just visit Swiftcover, or you can reach them at a Swift Cover Insurance phone number, 0330 024 6394. You can also get a quote online if you don’t want to call and wait for an operator.

Swift Cover Insurance Services helpline

Write to Swiftcover Customer Care

Whether you want to comment on the products or services of the company or have something to say about the website, Swiftcover welcomes you to share them via emails. Those who choose to contact the customers’ desk through letters use the following address:

Complaint Resolution Team,
Swift Court,
TS17 6EN

Swiftcover Contact Number Helpline Tips

If you call SwiftCover Insurance during their regular business hours you can reach a Live operator Monday through Saturday. Operators and agents are available to help you with questions, queries and quotes, or you can call the Swiftcover Insurance phone number after hours and leave a message or call Swift Cover Insurance phone number 0330 024 8073.

Swift Cover Insurance Phone Number
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