T Mobile Customer Service

T Mobile Customer Service
T Mobile Customer Service

T Mobile UK Operation Hours

All Days 8:00AM - 10:00PM
T Mobile UK Routing Number
Press 1 Existing customer or in the process of joining us
Press 2If you'd like to become a T-Mobile customer
Press 3Top up a pay as you go or U-Fix phone with a debit or credit card
Press 4Home broadband

T Mobile Phone Number List

T Mobile Helpline UK Contact Numbers
T Mobile Customer Service NumberToll-Free  0800 866 2453
International line  1505 998 3793
T Phone Number (01)  0170 731 5000
Home broadband queries  0800 953 5836

T Mobile Overview

T Mobile is a wireless company based in the UK. Provides both broadband and network services to the residents of UK and also to members of other nations. T Mobile was incorporated in 1993 as Mercury one2one but later relaunched in 2002 as T Mobile. T Mobile merged with Orange UK in 2009, but the services are offered under T Mobile brand. The company headquarters location is in Hatfield Hertfordshire. T Mobile Customer Services UK coverage is about 98% of the residents.

Over 230 million subscribers enjoy T Mobile services, and to ensure efficient delivery of services, the company has employed over 45,000 workers and stationed in different departments. If you would like to know more about the company, then call the T Mobile Customer Service Number 0800 866 2453 which is free. The information has also been made available on the official website.

T Mobile Products & Services

If you decide to call T Mobile Customer care, you can talk about the following services;

  • Phones and phone accessories
  • 4G network
  • Broadband services
  • Pay per use data plans
  • Upgrades
  • Parent advice

T Mobile also offers to pay monthly contract and pay as you go plans to suit all your needs. The pay monthly contract consists of a unique feature called “flexible boosters”, which allows you to change the usage limit month to month as per requirement. Other services include phone support services such as; safety and security, internets services WI-FI Included, bundles, etc. More services will be available once you call the T Mobile Customer Service Number or visit the company website.

T mobile customer service helpline

Contact T Mobile Customer Service UK

Customers who need assistance are free to contact the client support using any of the T Mobile helplines. If you are having a problem with the Home broadband services, you can communicate with T Mobile Customer Service UK agents 0800 953 5836.

If you wish to ask for T Mobile customer support assistance using your personal phone, then call 0800 956 6000. If you are UK residents and you are travelling abroad, you can use the international number 1505 998 3793.

Alternatively, you can use online platform. Use the T Mobile contact us page on their site and ask your question directly with a customer agent. Get assistance through:

  • Facebook– get a response within 24 hours after posting.
  • Twitter– receive immediate response and updates on the company happenings.
  • LinkedIn– professional advice.
  • YouTube– It’s Fun!

Write to T Mobile Customer Care

T Mobile Customer Service UK offers a broad range of services to millions of subscribers. Get through to the help desk can be a nightmare. You can use your efficient writing skills and write a letter. It is slow but it work. If you wish to return a package or to send a letter to T Mobile use the following address:

T Mobile

1 Mosquito Way,


AL10 9BW

Contact T Mobile Helpline Tips

The method you choose to communicate with the T Mobile Customer support depends on the type of the enquiries you have. The international calls made using T mobile phone are free no matter the distance. The mobile networks are free and available from 3 am to 10 pm every day.

Before you make the call to any T Mobile Customer Service Number, make sure you have the right information at hand. These details include the name, account number and a code issued to you. The verification step helps the support team to protect your personal Data. Also, it is important that you ring the right department so that your issues are resolved fast.

T Mobile Customer Service
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24 Comments to “T Mobile Customer Service”

  • The customer services email address shown on above page appears to be invalid. Please advise correct details.

    Thank you.

  • been tring for 2 days to find a number where i can speak to some one not a happy bunny right now

  • just need to know how one can put in expiry date for a new credit/debit cards keeps saying it is not correct i top up with those cards all the time and i had to get news ones and cant top up it is most frustrating not being able to talk to j chipchase

  • Abysmal service in blackpool fy1–signal drops with infuriating regularity

  • Abysmal service in blackpool fy3-signal drops with infuriating regularity

  • I had contract with T-Mobile in 2010. unfortunately after bad money situation and redundancy i not been able pay my bills. T-Mobile was passed my account to collection agency for collect money. i been found couple of month ago so T-Mobile after 5 years and passing to collection agency so T-Mobile damaging my credit score constantly every month and mark it like dafault for 5 years! but that is nothing! also it was added to my DRO ( bankruptcy ) and still marking this in my credit file like default!

  • As soon as you choose option to leave T-Mobile, your call is being disconnected. Absolutely dreadful service! I was only thinking about leaving T-Mobile but now I am totally convinced I want to leave. Thank you Customer Services…..

  • The service i have received from T-Mobile over the past couple of month has been appalling! In 1 month they have tried to money out of my account on 3 different occasions!!! When i did manage to get through and actually speak to person they said they didn’t know why they tried that and promised to give me the bank charges off of my next bill and low and behold this never happened!! then when i managed to get through again I was promised that because of the inconvenience they will take £20 off of my next 2 bills once again this never happened instead i got a bill charging me an extra £22!!!!!! I now tried to get through on “customer service” (that’s a joke) number above and low and behold i keep getting cut off and cant speak to a real person!! I have even asked for a manager to call back and that was over 3 weeks ago and i am still waiting!!!!!!! sort it out and let us speak to a real person when we call up. 1 very unhappy customer!!!!

  • Trying to get hold of someone that’s bloody real other than a bame machine is impossible. It’s asking me to phone from my mobile grrrrrrr I CAN’T [email protected] BLOCKED!!!!!

    Why don’t people speak on bloody phones now more?

    My phone is blocked so can’t call out on it


  • I have this connection since 2013 July. I’m fed up with it. No connection at time data connectivity is a big problem. I will never recommend this service to anyone.

  • I didn’t received my SIM after 40 days and they said it’s normal! bad and disrespectful customer service, hidden charges. no/very poor coverage

  • I ordered a new contract phone on Thursday night,and got delivery by Monday morning 8.30 am. Its very nice when big business actually care about customers.

  • Very happy with T-mobile best mobile service so far.Received sim card in less than a week.Easy to activate and was updated by sms,calls and email with everything.Customer service has been easy to deal with and efficient.

  • T-Mobile offers a mobile experience quite unlike what you find with the competition. I just love their services.

  • Littel or no coverage, dead zones, will not connect even when wi fi available, poor customer service, delays, have to repeat same story over and over.

  • Customer service, being given incorrect information and then being penalized for believing it.

  • The WORST customer service I have EVER encountered. ENDLESS recorded messages designed to tie you up in knots. NO respect for their customers trying to contact them. A COMPLETE AND UTTER JOKE. If you have a T Mobile pay as you go dump it, they have even less respect for you than contract. My father sent me a REALLY IMPORTANT picture message from his superior phone. I got a message with a password but it is not working on this stupid site you goto. I needed to speak to them to try and access it before it was lost. I have been trying for DAYS. Now it is lost forever. SCUM.

  • Tried all the numbers I could find to call to cancel a simple pay as you go sim for my ipad after the EE store told me they could not cancel in store but I had to phone! – drove me nuts as none of the numbers were accepted.
    In the end – simply cancelled the direct debit instruction at my bank.
    Poor show. Wont be using EE again

  • Coverage in np224pe area is pathetic, I work nights and need my mobile for emergency ,I hope t mobile resolve this or I’ll av no option but to GOTO another provider

  • Three months ago I inadvertently signed up for EE but after two days cancelled the contract and sought a transfer back to T-mobile. To date FIVE hours spent on the landline to them and STILL they haven’t reconnected me to T-mobile. Each time you get some one new and go through the process of trying to get connected without success. One excuse after another and then on top of that they still have the Audacity to charge my account
    Seeking a PAC and Compensation The service is Rubbish

  • how do i chat to some one online (live chat ) without paying for it ???!!! i aint paying to talk to someone when this type of thing should be free ???

  • Cannot use PAYG when abroad have tried 10+ times and have spoken to customer services and they can do nothing , either they refer back to tel numbers that redirect you back to where you started or admit that t mobile has problems but they cannot fix it !! They recommend a top up card purchased in uk and posted on , what a cowboy outfit , it worked when it was only t mobile but since EE took over it is now down the pan , they hang up regularly , it is a joke ??
    Going to look for better provider , if can get PAC number from them as no phones are being answered…report to trading standards .. As to with hold PAC number is illegal ..

  • never in all my existance have i encountered such a crap company to deal with
    there customer service is non existant, their helpful web site is always not working due to essentual maintenance. the whole set up is a scandal

    • what do mean my comment is awaiting moderation usual long winded garbage

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