T-Mobile Phone Number

T-Mobile Phone Number
T Mobile Customer Service

T Mobile UK Operation Hours

All Days 8:00AM - 10:00PM
T Mobile UK Routing Number
Press 1 Existing customer or in the process of joining us
Press 2If you'd like to become a T-Mobile customer
Press 3Top up a pay as you go or U-Fix phone with a debit or credit card
Press 4Home broadband

T-Mobile Phone Number Tips

T-Mobile Helpline Contact Numbers
T-Mobile Customer Service Number UK (Toll-Free) 0800 866 2453
T-Mobile International line 1505 998 3793
T-Mobile Phone Number 0170 731 5000
T-Mobile UK Home broadband queries 0800 953 5836

T-Mobile Overview

When one considers the telecommunications industry, it is always best to utilise the services of one of the top global companies in the world. The T-Mobile UK is one of the largest mobile networks in the United Kingdom. It is owned and serviced by the parent company EE and has its headquarters based out of Hatfield, England. The company was started in 1993 originally as Mercury One2One and then became known as One2One. EE was started as a way to bring mobile phones, the internet, laptops and tablets together for utilisation in the UK.

T-Mobile provides services to Over 230 million subscribers by providing support through live chat, phone numbers and to ensure efficient delivery of services, the company has employed over 45,000 workers and stationed in different departments. If you would like to know more about the company, then call the T-Mobile Customer Service Number 0800 866 2453 which is free. The information has also been made available on the official website.

T-Mobile Services

The services and products that the T-Mobile UK helps with include mobile communications and phone products, services and features. They offer the very popular pay-as-you-go phone service and everyone knows if you have a T-Mobile customer service number 0800 866 2453, you are saving money on not needing monthly contracts. You can send text messages, make calls and utilise services and features commonly found on the Internet. EE has helped to ensure that services are fast and efficient as they are including 4GEE to increase speeds in the UK and give fast broadband connections for home service, as well!

T-mobile provide handset protection services to UK customers. And if you want to stream videos and music from their smartphones, you have a wonderful opportunity to do that under an affordable data plan. The service is available for Pay-As-You-Go customers as well as customers who use pay-monthly contract phones. For any enquiries you can call T-Mobile customer service number UK (Toll-Free) 0800 866 2453

If you are UK residents and you are travelling abroad, you can also go to the T-Mobile contact us page on their site and ask your question directly with a customer agent.

T-Mobile Customer Service

Contact T-Mobile Customer Service UK

To reach the T-Mobile UK, there are several options available to you. If you are online and want to look at their products, new phones, features, internet speeds and details like your phone service and any billing information you can visit their website T-mobile for any queries, or one can also reach them at a T-Mobile customer service number, 1505 998 3793. You can also stop in a local store as there are hundreds of phone stores in the UK that service T-Mobile phones. Just look for the T-Mobile sign in the window or EE.


Write to T-Mobile Customer Care

T-Mobile Customer Service UK offers a broad range of services to millions of subscribers. Get through to the help desk can be a nightmare. You can use your efficient writing skills and write a letter. It is slow but it works. If you wish to return a package or to send a letter to T-Mobile use the following address:

1 Mosquito Way,
AL10 9BW.

T-Mobile Contact Number Helpline Tips

If you call during regular business hours you can reach a live operator as most stores will have the general phone and in store help Monday through Saturday with general office hours starting at 9:00 am to 10:00 am and offices closing at various times depending on the location. They can help you with customer service related issues or you can call the T-Mobile customer service number UK Toll-Free 0800 866 2453 after hours and access features through their automated prompt to help you pay your bill over the phone or hear about upcoming deals.

You get reach T-Mobile through social networks also:

  • Facebook you can get a response within 24 hours after posting.
  • Twitter– receive immediate response and updates on the company happenings.
  • LinkedIn– professional advice.
  • YouTube– It’s Fun!
T-Mobile Phone Number
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