Talk Talk TV Customer Service

Talk Talk TV Customer Service
Talk Talk TV Customer Service

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Talk Talk TV Customer Service – Overview
Individual customers and businesses in the UK are familiar with TalkTalk, which offers telecommunications, pay television, mobile network and internet access services. Offering a wide variety of TV, broadband and phone services, ably supported by an efficient Talk Talk customer service desk, the company is steadily increasing its loyal clientele base. What’s more, with its exclusive HomeSafe feature, Talk Talk now protects more than a million Talk Talk homes by helping parents keep their children safe online. You can send mails directed to Talk Talk Correspondence Dept, P.O. Box 360, Southampton, SO30 2LY to reach Talk Talk customer service personnel for resolving any problems or getting answers to your queries.

About Talk TV Talk Services
With its Simply Broadband package, you get to enjoy unlimited broadband along with an advanced technology router, free calls to other TalkTalk customers and superior online protection via HomeSafe.

Those looking for TV, calls and broadband services should select either Essentials TV or Plus TV, where the latter offers more value for money than the former package.

Add-ons like Superpowered Fibre, SkySports Boost (for just £15 a month, available at present) are other services on offer.

For Sim Only plans, you can browse http://mobile.Talk

Businesses can make the most of business packages of great value, named Simple (£4 + £14.50 line rental exclusive of VAT) and Complete (£10.50 + £14.50 line rental exclusive of VAT). Both these packages involve a 12-month contract.

For the best online deals offered by Talk Talk, you can dial 0800 049 1424

Contacting Talk Talk TV Customer Service
You can dial 0870 444 1820 from your Talk Talk landline to reach the Talk Talk customer service personnel for free.

Depending on yourcall plan and mobile provider, your call to the Talk Talk customer service desk may attract steep premium rates. To avoid burning deep holes in your pocket, you should call 0203 441 5550

You can also chat onlinewith a live Talk Talk customer service agent to troubleshoot or get answers to your queries.

Tip to call Talk Talk TV Customer Service Desk
Keep your account details ready when you call. This will save time and money, especially when you are being charged at a premium rate for your call to the Talk Talk customer service desk.

Talk Talk TV Customer Service
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6 Comments to “Talk Talk TV Customer Service”

  • Talk Talk email has not been working for 9 days now. When I called Talk Talk they told me it would be fixed within 24 hours!! We are still waiting.

    It appears that the only way of talking to Talk Talk is to pay a huge cost per minute from a landline, and heaven knows how much from a mobile phone.

    Can you advise me on how to get through to these people please

  • It rarely works. I am extremely dissatisfied with their service. It is hard to believe they are still in business. I can’t believe they can get away with this.

  • There was no “sorry for the inconvenience, it’s unfortunate you are having issues, we are here to make you a happy customer, etc.”. Horrible customer service.

  • I pay a monthly premium for a service that only allows me to see fewer and fewer movies. The motion and speech has been off for a long time, not with just the movies but with the TV episodes as well. It has now started with entire movies!

  • It has always worked fine and perfect service.

  • I love their customer service. Always try to resolve my problem.

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