TalkTalk Customer Service

TalkTalk Customer Service
TalkTalk Customer Service

TalkTalk UK Operation Hours

All Days 24/7
TalkTalk UK Routing Number
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TalkTalk Phone Number List

TalkTalk Helpline  UK Contact Numbers
General Enquiries 0345 172 0088
Sales Toll-Free 0800 049 1402
Business Broadband Sales 0800 458 4581
Billing 0800 083 2545
New Customers 0800 954 0764
Complaints 0800 083 3003
Abroad +44 203 441 5550
Main Office – London 0203 417 1000
Join TalkTalk TV 0808 108 0483
Orders 0800 458 5331
Mobile Number 0203 441 5550

TalkTalk Overview

TalkTalk is a telecommunication company whose headquarters are based in Leeds, UK. The company roots can be traced way back to 2003 where it started as a carphone warehouse. The TalkTalk Ltd offer its network services to individuals and businesses in the UK. The company has been circulating for several generations. TalkTalk started by providing fixed line telephone services but currently it has incorporated other services such as mobile, TV and more.

TalkTalk is an excellent telecommunication company in the UK and with great name come with significant responsibilities. TalkTalk support understands its full responsibilities. It has established its best support service to deal with queries related to their services.

More than three million subscribers enjoy the services provided by the company. TalkTalk is the second company from Virgin Media that offer the four top services. If you wish to enjoy these services, the TalkTalk phone number 0345 172 0088 is just a call away.

TalkTalk Products and Services

As mentioned, TalkTalk offers four primary services to UK residents:

  • TV services
  • Mobile
  • Landline
  • Broadband Services

Other packages that you may receive include Fibre optic network which gives your four times speed than the standard internet connection. Don’t miss out on this super speed services if you are looking for a fast and reliable network. TalkTalk support can balance and show a constant presence despite ultra- competitive market in the telecommunication market.

If you are a new customer, use TalkTalk Helpline 0800 954 0764 which is free and ask for Mobile packages, and plans that will interest you. You can also buy latest current phones from any TalkTalk store. Customers with questions regarding any service such as pricing, offers, or a financial query, use TalkTalk Phone Number 0800 083 2545.

talktalk helpline

Contact TalkTalk Customer Service

TalkTalk Support will provide solutions to all the queries and issues that you may experience with their services whether abroad or in the UK. TalkTalk Customer Services are trained to assist the customers in a professional and practical manner. Regardless of the type and the size of the business, owners of both small and large business can dial 0800 458 4581 and get assistance related to broadband services. TalkTalk products and services are available by ordering through TalkTalk Phone Number 0800 458 5331. Customers who are abroad can use TalkTalk international number, that is, +44 203 441 5550 can get their issues resolved. 

Alternatively, customers who already enjoy the internet services provided by the company can get their issue resolved online. Visit the TalkTalk contact us page for more information. The company also maintains its presence through social media accounts which are heavily monitored by TalkTalk Support. Visit FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

Write to TalkTalk Customer Care

If your issues are not resolved through the TalkTalk Helpline provided, you can always reach the TalkTalk support team by writing. It’s necessary to have the relevant details at hand to allow easy handling of the issue.  TalkTalk Customer Service will respond to a question sent through email within 72 hours of receiving a letter. If you received a different order, you could always send back the package. Post a letter or send an email to the following address:

TalkTalk Correspondence Department,
P.O. Box 346,
SO30 2PW,
The United Kingdom.

Contact TalkTalk Helpline Tips

TalkTalk Customer Services are always ready to receive your call and provide you with a quick solution. The fastest way to receive help is by ringing TalkTalk Phone Numbers provided.  Ensure to have your personal and account details on hand. The TalkTalk helpline are available from Monday to Sunday. TalkTalk Support is also available online. For example, visit their sales page to find new and interesting deals. You may also call TalkTalk sales number which is 0800 049 1402. If you are not happy with how your problem is being always talk with the chief executive by calling 0203 417 1000 TalkTalk head office number.

TalkTalk Customer Service
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47 Comments to “TalkTalk Customer Service”

  • Talk talk customer services rubbish.please can we have someone who speaks and understsnds english.

    • TalkTalk- a joke. I have been down from the internet for 32 days with huge nerubms of telephone calls to incomprehensible technical advisers. Their Engineer came out on 30th April & said the fault is definitely outside the property but they have charged me for this visit, and have continued to say it is the router. On 22/05 I received a call from the Jeopardy Dept & they arranged for an Openreach engineer to come out today & guess what problem solved! I tried to call back to the Jeopardy Dept as requested when the matter is resolved but have gone round the houses been cut off (and yes, I also have spoken to many less than helpful or polite people) and brought to breaking point. I rang the contact number on the web-site 0203 417 1000 and spoke to a pleasant young lady and asked to speak to either Dido Harding or Charles dunston. No problem she said she would put me through to manchester where Dido Harding is based. i waited for some time & was cut off. i rang back & got a recorded announcement telling ,me that office hours finished at 5pm ( it was coming up to 3.15pm), I treid the number 2 or three times to only get the recorded message. I also wrote to the complaints director on17th May, asking for a response in 7 days nothing. I am appalled at the way a communications based organisation treats its customers and would not reccommend Talk Talk to anyone.VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 4 votes)

  • please delete the comment before

  • Just been going through my emails and found a talk talk account, I’ve never made up a talk talk account? How can this be resolved

  • Please explain what you mean.

    • Please forward this message to someone who can sort this problem out.

      • My phone line and internet are down after only 2 days of being re-connected! Re-connected as after a litlte heated discussion with a rude member of TalkTalk staff, he thought it would be spiteful to cancel my account! so I called to report this phone line problem and ONCE AGAIN was faced with RUDE ILL-MANNERED staff! EVERY single time I call TalkTalk I end up coming away from the phone call very very angry and irritated,and usually it takes alot for me to become angry, what I hate most are RUDE people and every single person I have spoke to from TalkTalk have been EXTREMELY rude, I was even told to hold and hung up on, just because she did not want to carry on the conversation. Another lady was just as rude and when asked her name she mocked me making up a fake name?! I am absolutely shocked at the appauling quality of TalkTalks customer service!!!! Because of this I am now going to request to cancel my TalkTalk account! TalkTalk needs new staff!!! DO NOT GO WITH TALKTALK!!VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 3 votes)

      • Hi Valerie my problem started Thursday we decided to upgrade to fibre optic as broadband was so slow, as it came on we lost our phone line still now 3 and a half days later have been pushed from pillar to post and the staff very rude, I used all my credit on my mobile on ringing them bloody poor show I think maybe we should have gone with bt, it is so annoying as they are all Indian and I cannot understand them or talk to automated even worse, the chat people useless too !!!



  • hi talk talk, my name is Gerry and I am just trying to contact you on the net but you do not seem to have a dedicated site to enable this. I have obtained a new job and will shortly be resuming payments to catch up on my broadband account. thank you for forwarding this in anticipation…yours sincerely, Mr G Riordan. 74 cemetery road Dewsbury…wf13 2se

  • I have phoned at least 6 times complaining that my broadband doesnt work I have been kept hanging on the phone for long periods of time and it still doesnt work .I want to cancil my contract

  • It does not work landline phone and Internet are problems with wages for the durnowatą your splease visit to a specialist because they called you an hour hung on a mobile phone and nothing stated and not fix no mechanic was not in my house, for which I pay a subscription as I have no way of full standard using the phone, the Internet.ervice but unfortunately I do not have coverage and tem problem persists c and often,

  • Just been talking to someone in South Africa. After collecting password etc etc and looking up my account she couldn’t tell me if 03 numbers are included in my package or not. After 8 minutes I’m passed on to her manager who was also unable to answer this simple query. But he would call me back in half an hour. That was now almost an hour ago and surprisingly no call !!!

    His name is Jerome Mahanha from south Aftica. Can you please tell me if 01 02 and 03 are free of charge with my package as I was originally informed?

  • talk talk is cheater company they hav contacts with other cheating companies which they are se will be oblige ndind text messages and write down their ph no and messages when uwill send messages or ph nos they will say contact ur ph company and i think so both companies are cheating metual understandig pl can i send all these informations to the watch dog and minister coumminication pl and also some courts who will take action against these rules and regulations pl i

  • Rarely have I experienced such awful support. I have a TalkTalk email account which I can access just fine. I believe it has a virus so I want to change the password, or better still, delete the account as I don’t use it anymore. The support team refused to help me without an account number (which I don’t think I have) and told me my email account doesn’t exist !!! I even logged on for the guy to prove that it did exist. He then hung up.
    Disgraceful doesn’t come close.

  • talk talk have got a terrible reputation for poor customer service. moved house on 18th sept and tried to close my account. an operator in india took a payment by debit card on the same day an equivalent payment was made by direct debit. my account is still live and i find it impossible to speak to someone . all i get is automated system that shuts off having requested balances should be clear before you can talk to someone

  • I would just like to say thank you to the operator I spoke to re my broadband not working, I have been trying to get help for so long to get on line and this time great, he talked me through the problem explained in a way I could understand for over 30mins and corrected the problem. I was ready to change to another supplier as I was so fed up. But thanks to him I will now renew my contract.

    • TalkTalk are the worst company to deal with. Their cumsoter service department is a joke, since they can’t understand basic English. I switched over to another provider, who offered me a better package but had to cancel it, since I was still tied in with a contract with TalkTalk until November of this year. So I decided to remain with them and negotiated a new contract with them. I was quite happy to remain with them, but lo and behold, when I came back from holiday, they had cancelled my landline and broadband without any reason or notice. I was furious and spent a whole day trying to get some explanation from cumsoter service without success. According to TalkTalk, the new provider cancelled the phone line then did not inform them that the order was cancelled, but the new provider never even took over the order as it was terminated within the 7 days grace period. TalkTalk have even had the cheek to charge me a fee for terminating the contract, when it is they who have broken the contract, by failing to provide me with the service for which I am paying. A letter of complaint is now with them and I am now in the process of taking legal action against the company. Please avoid them like the plague.VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 4 votes)

  • i have been receiving loads of calls (india) saying that there is something wrong with my computer. A new router will be provided together with an engineer. Also as this is a Talk Talk problem they will refund me £200. They wanted me to fill in a form so they could
    contact my bank to pay in. Is this a scam and how do i STOP THEM PHONING ME.
    This afternoon a lady phoned saying I would be contacted again in three hours.
    They are driving me mad. Are they for real and if so why have I not been told about
    this from you first. By e.mail.
    Thanks. A.

    • The same is happening to us. We received a lot of unwanted calls from India and suddenly we can’t receive any calls. Talk talk promised us to send us an technician because theyy found out there is a fault in our master socket. The technician never came and the promised phone back calls never happened. We are tired of that company.they say always the same…..we apologize for any inconvenience…blablabla…….how can we stop our contract immediately?

  • I have same problem with talk talk they told me that all are free with my package and I get bill of 46 pound and I have make no chargeable call,s I have canceled my contract with them,and I will never ever take talk talk again and they also charged me 388 pound for leaving the contract

  • I have twice been on chat and have been cut off.
    I would still like an answer as to why I am getting x2 of all my emails

  • I think that as Talk Talk seem to have broken their contract with their customers they should at least keep in contact!! I am trying to use chat and get cut off every single time!
    How long does it take to sort things out?

    • These people are the WORST sievrce providers in the UK. Not only were they unable to transfer my home sievrce in a timely manner, they REPEATEDLY denied there was a problem, telling me that the sievrce was in fact active. IT WAS NOT. In the end, it took 3 weeks and for a engineer to come out to figure out what the problem was. DURING THAT TIME, I lost a 1000 job (I am a computer programmer) AND I had to top up a mobile broadband dongle repeatedly that which they promised they would reimburse me for. But you can already guess what happened- they REFUSE to reimburse for the costs of having to get sievrce elsewhere, and in fact, just to make it better, they claimed I was only without sievrce for 3 days. PS> I was 8 months pregnant during all of this and as a result of being unable to deliver a job on time, I have had to shorten my maternity leave. THIS SERVICE IS BS. STAY AWAY!VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 1 vote)

  • Talktalk are trying to charge me for a break of contract when I cancelled it in the required 14 day window. I sent the letter with the tv box, which they said they received and deny the letter arrived with it. All of a sudden when I changed providers they sent me a letter demanding return of the tv box. Nothing is joined up in the organisation. I cannot get any sense out of the chatline as I don`t understand them and vice versa. Numerous phonecalls to the number they told me to contact has resulted in nothing just a voice recording saying they will get back to me.Have gone to Resolver now. If this is how they run things I am not surprised at the mess they are in now.

    • Possibly the worst customer sverice I have ever experienced.When i was staying at my Aunties, her internet was down with talktalk over a month with no resolution to the problem. After enough swearing down the phone they eventually fixed her modem, only for it to break a week later.After getting my own house, i was also lured in on the cheap deals and the money cash back offered prior to me taking out the contract with talktalk.My time with the company lasted a week before I gave up and refused to pay any bills to them.First my modem came late, so i decided to ring up on my mobile (oh the charges ill face for this on my contract bill) the call lasted 30 minutes, i was transferred to 5 different departments, one with ended up being AOL, a completely different company. Finally i put in a complaint, and my modem was then sent out straight away, and i recieved the modem the next day.The 2nd problem was my internet going live, which never went live in the end. I called up to ask how long it would be until i could use the internet, after AGAIN being transferred to several departments i was finally told i’d have to wait up to 48 hours. I wanted to complain, but the thought of waiting another 30 minutes and speaking to 5 other people didn’t seem worth it. (im still calling off a mobile at this point)I set my modem up the day after it going live, after recieving an email stating my phone line was now activated. Although i could connect to the wireless internet, I couldn’t access the internet apart from google. After ringing up and speaking to many departments AGAIN, i was fuming, and informed i’d have to wait another 2 weeks for the modem i’d only just recieved to be replaced and fixed for me. Not only this, but i would have to pay for the contract from the time i recieved the broken modem. i decided to put in a compliant, so the memeber of staff hung up on me, meaning i had to ring up once more and go through a million departments to cancel. I was then put on hold for 10 minutes when i reach the right department. I have now cancelled my contract and frooze any direct debits to talktalk. I pray to anyone out there to do the same.The staff are all idiots, have no training on customer sverice and you will spend every day of your entire life using every swear word possible down the phone just so you can access google. It isn’t worth it for the cheap deals.VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 3 votes)

  • talktalk lie to there customers, I having been ringing to see when there website will be back up and running for the last to weeks, and all they say is that it will be in next 48 hours then after 48hours I ring again and they tell me the same, then I struggle to understand the customer service agent coz they struggle to speek English, I think they need to get there act together

  • Following the recent events with Hackers pretending to be TALK TALK advisors , I had been extra cautious with correspondence via calls and emails and internet banking.
    However I still got hacked and had my bank accounts drained! Luckily I was able to get this horrible situation resolved.

    The audacity of Talk Talk astounds me-clearly there data is not protected or encrypted!!!!
    There are much better deals out there anyway

    • Signed up with Talk Talk back when it was Tiscali. The decision back then was based on price coampred to which was to expensive for what you got.The problems we have encountered so far..1) They offer UP TO you max broadband speed. This statement is critical as they WILL give you the bare minimum. The last time I contacted them about giving me what my line was capable of, the bloke on the other end just laughed and hung up on me.2)Constant disconnects especially at peak times. Best case scenario is 56k connection if your lucky. If you are a gamer, forget it. You will never be online long enough to find it enjoyable.3)DO NOT phone them if you have a problem. They will do nothing and you will spend the rest of your life on the phone before you get a result. Always use E-Mail so there is a record.4)If you are a new customer and need to be connected be prepared for a long wait and for them to not give a damn. It took over a month for my connection to be made.In short this company is totally appalling in its approach to its customers and its service. Their customer support is at best pathetic, at worst apathetic and rude, with the result that the term customer support’ is a downright lie.The product they supply is as little as they can get away with and it is substandard in its stability.Stay away from this company. Do yourself a favour and pay a bit more for a better quality service with someone else.Oh, and on a final note, it has taken several attempts to post this as my connection keeps failing. I have had to type this out in Word and paste it before it goes off again.VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 12 votes)

  • Could you help me please? I had an email come in telling me that a JGoodwin at talk talk had changed their number asking me to take note of it. I have no knowing of J Goodwin and deleted the email before I opened it just to be on the safe side. Do you have a J Goodwin and, if that person writes again should I go ahead an open it, please? I am an elderly person and worry about the things that are going on all around me.
    Shirley Garrad

  • Please tell me why I have not received notification of my telephone bill, since opting for no paper bill?

    Also why do I have endless phone calls from people, who tell me there is something wrong with my router, and then I am unable to understand them.

    Thank you

  • I have been in contact with given numbers about 6 times, I have had no email connection since the 12/12/15, when you phone it us usually a robot and rarely can you speak to a human being, sorry but enough is enough I have applied for a new provider, I no longer wish to be with your company.

  • this is the most unproffesional company i have ever dealt with when you phone with a fault they lol even try to convince you its your fault and ask for money for people to come and check and when they find out they are wrong you dont even get any compensation offered or a kiss my arse or nothing i hope they go under they should be called dont talk talk and for the ceo dodi or whatever she is called she should resign she is not fit for purpose

  • Can you please tell me when my phone line will be reconnected.

  • I am waiting for an answer and I am not impressed with the way my complaint is being dealt can you please let me know what is being done to rectify the problem

    • Can you tell me when i will be able to make a phone call?

  • I can only reiterate what so many other customers have said – that the customer service is so appalling that it almost becomes funny. Also. Talk Talk is not the best value for money. The irony is that when they are interviewed by the media – they present themselves as being highly efficient and attentive to their customers needs. It isall blIt is really all bout grabbing as much money as they can. No integrity.

  • Always gives good service and responds to any problems I may have quickly and satisfactorily.

  • Can be unreliable at times – and not always that easy to find out if there are local problems. Seems to lose connection more frequently from time-to-time.

  • Customer helpline is very poor. Their customer advisers will just say ‘yes’ and do nothing.

  • I am a new customer of about two weeks. Today I have no satellite service at all….. Including all my sky sports channels. Can’t get through to any one who can help. Wish I had stayed with virgin. And they are really bad.

  • Have had FAULT no dial tone on my phone talktalk have been rubbish cant wait to leave

  • Expect I must be one of the Luckiest one. Had no problem with operators when things have gone wrong. Always found them helpful and polight

  • I have just cancelled my D/D to talk talk onetel.
    this company failed, I lost my telephone service when abroad, it was never reconnected . they said old redundant equipment could not be modified/repaired.
    promised refund for payments taken this was never recieved. they are still taking funds one for ” initial payment” !!!!!! 2 months later
    TalkTalk will go the same way cut your losses and get out they are corrupt and incompetent
    try and get a good deal with BT but i reckon you can not beat Tesco
    if you want to keep your number when Talk Talk go you will probabaly loose it

  • If you finally crack under talktalk’s regime, rest assured that a complaint will reach the Holy Ghost.

  • I am trying to access my account but when I put in my e mail address I get a message saying my e mail address is not recognized even though you send all my bills to this e mail and send all the junk mail to it. What can I do?

  • where my internet ? Talk Talk = BT The same rubish

  • Again I have problems with my email. When I telephone I always get someone on the subcontinent who I can not understand and when I request they transfer me to their manager or the UK the request is refused. It appears my only option is to speak with my computer supplier and ask them who the best provider is as frankly Talk Talk are utter rubbish. I had a mobile with them but was unable to get a signal at home and watch nay now. Does their sire indicate there is no signal in my house but there might be if I go outside. Very handy as a cancer sufferer to have to go out in whatever weather to make a call because these Pollocks at Talk Talk can not provide a booster or even a signal. We live on the top of a hill too.
    I hope they go bust big time as they deserve to.

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