Tax Credits Contact Number Helpline

Tax Credits Contact Number Helpline
Tax Credits Customer Service

Tax Credits UK Operation Hours

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Tax Credits Helpline Phone Numbers

Tax Credits Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Tax Credits Main Line 0345 300 3900
Textphone 0345 300 3909
Tax Credit payments 0345 302 1429
Child Benefits 0300 200 3310
Outside UK +442890538192

Tax Credits Overview

Tax Credits is a department of HM Revenue and Customs. It is a branch of the UK government facility designed to cater for people who cannot work for any reason. Basically, it  caters for the welfare needs of the ill and disabled in the society. The facility falls under the scheme called Employment of Support Allowance or ESA that the government introduced. Under the scheme, anybody who is unable to work can receive financial support to help them live decently and with dignity. The scheme is open and available to anybody in the UK regardless of current employment status. Individuals who are either self-employed or who work part-time are all eligible and the best way to ascertain this is to call the Tax Credits number.

Tax Credit Services

HMRC Tax Credits is a program to support people who are unable to work. It was set up to provide people the ability to earn income at any stage of their lives, regardless of the reason behind their situation. This extra income is used to help pay bills and other person expenses. Under the scheme, claimants aged 25 years and above to  receive a weekly amount of at least £57.35 for living expenses. You can use the tax credits calculator to estimate what you can claim.

Claimants may receive an increase in the weekly amounts of payouts. This depends on whether the claimant works or lives on support. Anyone who below the pension age set by the state is entitled to tax credits. This includes any person who is unable to receive jobseeker allowance. If you are unable to receive Statutory Sick Pay as well as the Statutory Maternity Pay in addition to not having returned to work, you are eligible for this scheme as well. Call Tax Credit helpline to find out whether you are eligible.

Tax Credits Contact Number Helpline

Contact Tax Credit Customer Service

The Tax Credits helpline offers many numbers for various issues. General enquiries and concerns about tax credits should be directed to 0345 300 3900. Member of staff at the customer service department handles various issues relating to tax credits. You can contact Tax Credits services during normal working hours if you want to:

  • Obtain a claim form
  • Inquire about a claim
  • Renew a claim
  • Learn about payments
  • Report  change in circumstances
  • Make a complaint

The Tax Credits Phone Number is 0345 302 1429. This is for individuals who have difficulties in making repayments and they may grant additional time. The Tax Credits number to call when you should contact on anything related to self-assessments is 03002003310. All matters pertaining to child benefits should be directed to 03002003100. If you have a hearing impairment, send your queries via text to 03453003909. Always remember to quote your tax credit reference number when contacting Tax Credits helpline in the UK. On the other hand, if you want to contact this department to ask a question or express a concern while abroad, the Tax Credits Contact Number Helpline to call is +44 289 053 8192.

Tax Credits Phone Number

Write to Tax Credits Customer Service

Not everyone wants to use the Tax Credits Contact Number Helpline to seek help. If you have issues that you want to share via mail and not with one of the Tax Credits number agents then you can draft a letter. The Tax Credit Office in the UK welcomes letters from individuals who want to raise concerns or make enquiries about payments. When writing a letter make sure that you indicate why you are writing. So write “complaints” or change of circumstance” on top of your mail and address it to.

HM Revenue and Customs – Tax Credit Office

United Kingdom
All new claims should be addressed to the following address:

HM Revenue and Customs – Tax Credit Office
L75 1AZ
United Kingdom

Tax Credits Contact Tips

Call the Tax Credits Contact Number Helpline during normal working hours on Monday to Friday and from 8am-4pm on Saturday.  Customer service lines are less busy between 8:30-10:30 am and from 2pm-4pm on Tuesday and Thursdays. Avoid these times and do not contact Tax Credit representatives then. Also avoid calling on on Sundays and public holidays (Christmas day, New Year ’s Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day). The department is always closed during those days.

If possible, call the 08 Tax Credits helpline numbers  since they are exempt from any call charges (only from landlines in the UK). Always keep records of your call when you use any of the Tax Credits phone number to contact the customer service department personnel including day and time when disputing issues of overpayment. Remember to use the textphone to contact Tax Credit customer service if you are deaf or have hearing impairments.

Tax Credits Contact Number Helpline
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