The ‘Customer Service Scholarship’ Contest

Richard Brinsley Sheridan said 300 years ago:

The surest way not to fail is to be determined to succeed.

This motto will take you very far in life. However, sometimes circumstances are out of our control and we need help getting where we need to be.
scholarshipWith university tuition in America and the United Kingdom only continuing to rise year after year, the challenge to succeed is greater as well. The average Bachelor’s Degree will leave a student with almost $30,000 in debt by the time they complete college.

This is not reassuring for most students as struggle just to get by. Most take loans, and others have several jobs.

We value education and want to make it easier for students to achieve their degrees faster and with less financial obligations afterwards.

We are offering a great opportunity for two students to help save almost 20% on their first degree, with two $5,000 scholarships. Each scholarship will be paid out over the course of four years. Certain Terms and Conditions apply. Some more of our work to help the UK customer, you can see on this DVLA project, and more to come!


Who is Eligible?

win – the biggest UK bassed customer service web portal, will give away two scholarships ($10,000 total). The first scholarship is for a current high school student that will attend a 4-year college in the United States or the United Kingdom, and for an already enrolled college student.

This limits the first scholarship to seniors in high school or individuals 17-19 years old. The second scholarship will be for anyone attending a 4-year college already.

  • Please note that this scholarship does not apply to Masters Degree program students, nor adult education learners being taught outside the framework of a university.


Scholarship Subject Matter

There are three options of essays to write, each answering a particular question. Choose one:

  1. The state of customer service in the UK
  2. Best customer service practices
  3. What problems you encounter with customer service with UK based companies

you deserve it

Essay Requirements:

  • All essays must be typed and presented in Times New Roman, 12-font and double spaced
  • The essay must be between 1250-1500 words
  • The essay must be the writer’s original work (and will be checked for plagiarism)
  • Students may submit only one essay
  • The deadline to submit an essay is March 15, 2017

The essay winners will be announced beginning May 2017, and notified by email. Customer Service Scholarship Winners will need to verify their identification, age, and university enrollment prior to receiving the first instalment.

Important disclaimer

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