Thomson Customer Service

Thomson Customer Service
Thomson Customer Service

Thomson UK Operation Hours

All Days 24/7
Thomson UK Routing Number
Press 1 Make a booking or have any questions prior to making your booking
Press 2Existing bookings

Thomson Phone Number Tips

Thomson Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Thomson Customer Service Toll-free 0800 0273162
Thomson Flight only 0203 451 2695
After Travel Enquiries 0203 451 2699
Calls from Abroad +44 333 336 5147
Travel Insurance Policy 0203 636 1311

Thomson Overview

Holidays are for everyone, especially the foreign ones. This is where Thomson, a company that began its journey in 1965, plays a very paramount  role. Thomson is based in the UK, and it is a subsidiary of TUI group. The company believes in catering to its customers by offering tailor-made holiday options that are not available elsewhere.  With a staff of more than 18,000, the company has its niche carved in the holiday sector with the ownership of the largest website in the UK. Thomson has its head office in Luton, England. However, the company is planning to phase out Thomson plus the other subsidiary companies by 2018. You can contact Thomson customer service by dialling their toll-free number 0800 0273162 to learn more about the company or check out their official website, Thomson.

Thomson Services

With holidays being their speciality, it is hardly surprising that Thomson offers a wide range of holiday packages, including cruises, 5-star hotel stays, destination vacations, themed vacations, flight deals, and a lot more. The company has a varied repertoire of holiday packages, including some general deals, which range from the luxurious to the decadent. Additionally, you can also create your package based on the type of vacation you are seeking. The company has an online platform where customers can be able to select departures and destinations. Call Thomson, and they will help you according to your budget. You will be able to experience your dream vacation without breaking a sweat. If you are calling from abroad, you can dial the Thomson phone number +44 333 336 5147 for further assistance or check out the various products and services offered by Thomson.

Contact Thomson Customer Service

Thomson customer service prides itself on being always available for its customers, irrespective of where they are. Customers can call their customer service desk by dialling the Thomson helpline 0203 451 2695However, this line can only be used for booking Thomson flights only.

For specific customer support, the company has different numbers. For instance, after travel enquiries or complaints can be made by calling the Thomson phone number 0203 451 2699Also, if you want to know more about the travel insurance policy you can contact Thomson through 0203 636 1311Special holidays like ski, cruises or lakes & mountains packages have their customer care numbers as well.

For all contact details, you can check the company’s contact us page and select the appropriate option or department. You can also use their social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter for enquiries or complaints.

Thomson Customer Service

Write to Thomson Customer Care

Thomson has availed several channels that you can use to get in touch with their customer service team. To contact Thomson, you can also be able to write them an ordinary letter and post it to their physical address. However, you should not be in a hurry to get a response, and this channel is suitable for non-urgent issues only. You can send the letter to,

Thomson Customer Service,

Wigmore House,

Wigmore Lane,

Luton LU2 9TN.

Thomson Contact Number Helpline Tips

Thomson customer service desk has different contact numbers for various packages as well as for before- and after-travel service. It is important to keep these numbers handy when dealing with this company. Also, Thomson prides itself in having an extensive FAQ section, which it believes will resolve most of your queries without having to reach them personally. Therefore, before calling the Thomson helpline numbers, you can check out the FAQ section first.In addition, it is also good to confirm when the telephone lines are being opened and closed to ensure that your call receives the necessary attention.

Thomson Customer Service
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    • I feel sorry for you, I’ve just found out that the £25 I paid to book in the shop was a wasted £25 as my booking has a major problem and they told me they can’t help me. I’ve spent over £8,000.00 on the holiday. I think the best thing is to book online and manage everything yourself.

  • I have recently come back of a cruise on the Thomson Dream. I wish to report some damage to my suitcase while in transit. The case was brand new just bought for the trip in fact the hand’ll still had the wrapper on, from leaving my case on the belt at Manchester Airport to it being outside my cabin on arivall I never saw my case. On moving it into my cabin I noticed that it wouldn’t roll very eas’ly and as it had 4 wheels it should have, however one of the wheels had been broken nearly completely off. I reported this to reception and they said they would repair it, replace with one of there’s or mend it. They mended it for me and it did seem to be ok un till I came to collect it again at Manchester where the wheel had come off again the resin they had used hadn’t held. I was also offer’d a letter for my insurance but as I would have to pay the accsess it didn’t seem a right option. I am sorry I can’t ring you over this as I have no voice , I have been Ill since I return’d and I did’nt want to leave it any longer before I reported it.m Please can you give the matter your attention and get back to me Regards Lind Clelland

  • Can someone tell me how to get in touch with thomsons as regard a complaint.We was told when we got back from mexico to get in touch with them

  • We have a booking for a party of six people and have booked seats for everyone. Two of our party have requested extra legroom seats but the silly Thomson policy will not allow me to upgrade to extra legroom seats for only two of our party. I have been told we can only reserve these seats for all six people even though there are only two left.

    This to my mind seems completely illogical and extremely frustrating and in the future would probably be a barrier when we are considering our next holiday.

    Surely the customer should be the first consideration this gentleman needs extra room as he has very long legs. Well done Thomson you have managed to put a black cloud over our holiday before we have started to pack.

    Surely this rule needs rethinking it achieves nothing except putting people off booking and inconveniencing your clients.

    I personally would not give a reccomendation to people to book with Thomson because of this issue.

    I would be interested in hearing your reasoning for this senseless rule.

  • I’ve just seen the seating for the return journey from our holiday, we have four year old and are sat on different rows quite a distance from each other.
    No available seats to reserve etc, any ideas if Thomson will seat out four year old with one of our party?

  • Once again a wonderful cruise on board The Thomson Spirit we have now have had 5 cruises on this ship and have been treated great it is like a home from home we are sorry to hear this ship is no longer going to be with us soon please pass on our thanks to all the crew on board for making us to welcome

  • my wife and I have just returned from a week at the family life orquidea hotel in gran canaria it was fabulous everybody that we spoke to asked this question . why do you not fly from Aberdeen to gran canaria in the winter months as iam sure that you would fill your flights. it was our first time there and we loved it. we are going to tenerife in january but it would have been nice to have had a choice to have went to Gran canaria.

    Alex & Alison

  • Just wanted to let you know the fabulous service we have continually had from Bridget in Speke, Liverpool. We had a number of issues with Royal Caribbean, which took her many hours to resolve. Nothing was too much trouble and despite the continuous problems dealing with people on the phone, she maintained her professionalism throughout. All was well in the end – we had a fantastic holiday!

  • I submitted my complaint on July 18th 2016 after I returned from Florida as our outbound flight was delayed 5 hours from Edinburgh airport. Initially I was told it takes 56 days to process flight compensation claims and now they have told me it takes 90 days to process. I had to remind the customer service advisor I have now been waiting for a 104 days. I received the standard reply that they would contact the flight delay claims team which has already been done on two previous occasions. I still have not received any response to date from any member of the flight delay team and I cannot contact them direct. Will it be settled before the end of 2016 I very much doubt it.

    • I also submitted my complaint on August 7th 2016 after I returned from Sicily as our outbound flight was delayed more than 5hrs from Birmingham. It is impossible to email or talk directly to anyone helpful. My experience is almost identical, after multiple emails and phone calls and a letter sent to Wigmore House, I have had zero response. Is anyone going to respond at Thomson?

  • arrived back at Gatwick airport today at 09.08 which was good 22 mins early, got through customs no problem, then the hell started as Thomson baggage handlers did not give any info and we had to wait 90 mins for our luggage which is totally not right. I think Thomson needs to get a new company to do there baggage, to have a good holiday and then it is totally wrecked by useless Thomson ground staff.

  • To All At Thomson. I have a major problem with my booking and can’t get any help, can you help me please? I have booked a holiday with you to the Dominican Republic for over £8,000.00. We booked through the Thomson Sutton Surrey Branch and paid £25 for them to manage our booking this time because it was a very special and expensive holiday with our friends also we had recommended Thomson’s to them we did not want to have any problems with the booking. Until yesterday I thought they had done a good job, my wife and I usually book and manage all our holidays online ourselves, we have had 2 holidays and 1 flight with Thomson last year, with no problems. This time however we have a problem there are 4 people in our party, we have booked Premium Club seats, I stupidly, as I’m now told by the Sutton branch, assumed that we would all be seated together on the plane as we have paid for the most expensive seats you have on this flight, but we are not together at all we are scattered across the plane. So can you please help with this as my wife is a very nervous flyer and as it stand she is not getting on the plane unless I’m sitting next to her to hold her hand.

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