Travelodge Customer Service

Travelodge Customer Service
Travelodge Customer Service


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Travelodge UK Operation Hours

All Days 24/7

Travelodge Phone Numbers

Travelodge Contact Number Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Travelodge Customer Service 866-235-8814
Toll-Free Travelodge Phone Number 1-800-835-2424

Travelodge Overview

Established in 1985, Travelodge is a chain of low-cost hotels and lodges that caters for the accommodation needs of individual and business travellers. The chain is known for providing decent facilities and unmatched value to customers. The hotel accommodates thousands of guests each year. Since it began operations, the company has grown exponentially adding more hotels in various destinations.

Travelodge Services

Travelodge provides hotel booking and reservations to individuals in the UK. The hotel chain boast of more than 500 hotels and 37,000 guest rooms spread out the UK, Ireland, and Spain. You will find their hotels in all major cities such as London, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin, Madrid, and Barcelona. Also, there are hotels and lodges in roadside stops as well as seaside locations.

Nearly all the hotels under Travelodge brand boast of on-site bar, coffee shops, and café restaurants. Facilities also come with breakfast boxes, wireless internet, gyms, and support early check-in and late check-outs. If you are travelling, you can make a reservation in any of their hotels and spend a quiet and relaxing moment.

Guests can make reservations online or they can contact the central reservations office to make a booking. All you have got to do is select your location and find a Travelodge hotel there by using the correct Travelodge Contact Number, 866-235-8814. Rooms are modern and attractive. You can choose rooms with king size beds or double beds. Whether you are travelling for business out of town or organising a weekend outing with friends, you have a range of great hotels to match your needs and budget.

Travelodge customer service

Contact Travelodge Customer Service

Existing customers can make inquiries by calling the Travelodge phone number, toll-free 866-235-8814. The Travelodge helpline is accessible during normal working hours. For new customers or guests, the Travelodge contact number alternative is 1-800-835-2424. Feel free to inquire about services and rates and just about anything in between. If you call either number, you can still be served for what you need. Do not be turned away by one number or another.

It’s the easiest way of making a booking in the UK. The hotel’s representatives are available from 8am to 11pm. They will assist you to amend or create bookings.

Alternatives to Contact Travelodge

Aside from dialling the Travelodge contact number for reservations, you can write an email to the customer service representatives. Feel free to ask about facilities, payments, or any issue related to booking and you will be assisted. The company also has an active social media presence. You can tweet or send a Facebook message with your query.

So what number should one call to cancel a booking? Simply call the central reservations number and ask the customer representative to cancel an earlier booking. If you made a booking online, simply go to your account and cancel from there. Upon cancellation, an automatic refund will be issued to you.

For customers who want to make corporate inquiries, dial the Travelodge contact number 866-235-8814. Customer representatives will answer your questions and provide you with any information about the establishment. Alternatively, you may want to look at answers to some of the common queries and FAQs in their support centre.

Travelodge customer service

Write to Travelodge Customer Care

Sometimes, customers want to share sentiments or feedback about their booking experience with the customer service department. In such instances, it’s best if you write a letter instead of calling the Travelodge phone number, (unless it’s an urgent matter). Letters should be sent to:

Customer Services,

Travelodge Hotels Ltd,

Sleepy Hollow,

Aylesbury Road,


Oxon, OX9 3AT

Contact Travelodge Helpline Tips

Call the respective hotel where you want to stay for specific inquiries. For all Travelodge customer service enquiries, please call the relevant Travelodge phone number or send a ticket to the online centre.

Travelodge Customer Service
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4 Comments to “Travelodge Customer Service”

  • I recently stayed at the Travelodge Bournemoth Seafront during October 2015. I checked out earlier then anticipated and was told I would be refunded 190 pounds. Its been two weeks and I have yet to receive the refund. Please explain why refund has not been returned.

  • Unable to book room for 15th April at Cheshire Oaks online, we were able to book a room on the 10th April at saver rate but was unable to do this for the 15th, booked room by phone so it has cost us more to book the room, ref no.1411, we have stayed at this Travel lodge before to visit family members who live nearby, and are not happy with the online service.

  • Reservation confirmation Number 1411658878 at Windsor Travelodge uk

    We are flying into Heathrow in mid-morning from Canada. It would be appreciated if our room could be available around 1pm, Tuesday,, May 17. Thank you very much.
    cynthia butler

  • I still havnt heard if my booking for a ninety pound room at euston travellodge went through properly last night as site crashed after i put in bank details we have not had confirmation it is for 22nd of september 2016 would like confirmation please the bank had details

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