TV Licensing Contact Number Helpline

TV Licensing Contact Number Helpline
TV licensing Customer Service

TV licensing UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:30AM - 6:30PM
Saturday 8:30AM - 1:00PM
Sunday ---

TV Licensing Phone Number Tips

TV Licensing Contact Number Helpline UK Number
TVLicensing Customer Service 0300 790 6130
TV Licensing Minicom 0300 790 6050
TVLicensing Debit Only 0300 790 6144
TVLicensing Billing and Payment 0300 555 0286

TV Licensing Overview

TV Licensing is a requirement that the UK government put in place to any person who desires to watch television. The licence is mandatory for any person who desires to record programs on TVs, computers, or other mobile devices while they broadcast.

In the UK, a TV licence fee is about £145.50 for TV sets. As for the black and white TV sets, the tv licence fee is £49. Contact tv licence helpline departments to find out more about fees.

More than 30 million households in the UK are enjoying this service. A special TV Licensing Contact Number helpline is online for your informational needs.

TV Licensing Services

With a single TV licensing, the gadgets that are covered and permissible to watch or record TV programs through are the actual TV sets, computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and all other types of gadgets able to receive TV signals.

Exemptions to the tv licensing fee apply but only in special cases:

  • For closed caption and the hearing impaired
  • TV equipment users and CCTV users
  • Special cares for online service providers
  • Free licences for individuals 75 years and older
  • Discounted licences for people with vision impairments

To find out more call the tv licensing phone number,0300 790 6130. Please remember to pay your tv licence fee and consult the tv licensing contact number helpline how to do this. Otherwise, you will be the subject of a fine, up to £1,000. The services provided under the requirement include keeping the consumer informed of the need and importance of obtaining such a licence.

Write to TV Licensing Customer Service

Sometimes using a TV Licensing contact number is not an option. Therefore, you are able to write a complaint or query directly to the main offices.

TV Licensing, Darlington, DL98 1TL

Contact TV Licence Helpline

The TV Licensing fee is a product of the BBC or British Broadcasting Corporation, which operates in Great Britain. The requirement is purely for enforcing the licensing system in addition to a collection of fees in the United Kingdom.

Customer service regarding the licensing requirements in Great Britain provides online response systems to solutions for all queries that consumers have through the FAQs section on the official website.

Contacting the customer service is possible online by visiting the Contact Us section on the main website. Other methods of contacting the department include the tv licensing phone number system, post and, minicom, which is for the deaf and those with hearing impairments. The number to call is as given above.

TV Licensing Contact Number Helpline

TV Licensing Contact Tips

Contact TV Licence helpline during the week, Monday to Friday, from 8:30AM to 6:30PM. The TV licensing customer care centre closes Sundays and public or bank holidays. You can reach a customer service representative on Saturdays from 8:30AM until 1:00PM.

TV Licensing Contact Number Helpline
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