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Chances are you found this helpful guide, because you are an Ulster Banker or would like to join with the bank.  We have compiled all of the Ulster Bank contact numbers needed for your enquiries and needs. You can also check out the Ulster Bank Contact Us website main page.

Ulster Bank Contact Numbers

Ulster Bank Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Ulster Customer Service Toll-Free 0800 046 6486
Complaints 0345 742 4365
Switch Banking 0800 046 6486
Lost and Stolen Debit Cards 0370 600 0459
Fraud Helpline 0800 161 5151
OneCard Helpdesk 1850 812 280
Mortgage Arrears 1800 435 763
VISA purchasing 1850 211 609
Anytime Banking 0345 900 3200
Telebanking 0345 742 4365
Mobile banking 0345 366 7001
Textphone 1800 924 615
Calling from Abroad +44 2890 538 459

Ulster Bank Overview

Ulster Bank is a large commercial bank, and one of the traditional Big Four Irish banks. The Ulster Bank Group is subdivided into two separate legal entities, Ulster Bank Limited (UBL – registered in Northern Ireland) and Ulster Bank Ireland DAC (UBIDAC – registered in the Republic of Ireland). The Group’s headquarters (and UBIDAC’s) is located in George’s Quay, Dublin in the Republic of Ireland while the official headquarters of UBL is in Donegal Square East, Belfast, in Northern Ireland, and it maintains a large sector of the financial services in both the UK and Ireland.

Established in 1836, Ulster Bank was acquired by the Westminster Bank in 1917. As a subsidiary of National Westminster Bank, it became part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group in 2000. It has 146 branches in the Republic of Ireland and 90 in Northern Ireland with over 1,200 non-charging ATMs. The Group has over 3,000 employees and over 1.9 million clients.

Contact Ulster Bank in the UK via the following ways:

  • The Ulster Bank Helpline
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Writing a letter

Ulster Bank Products

Ulster Bank is a fully-fledged financial institution that caters to the needs of individuals and businesses. Customers have different options to manage their accounts. As a customer, you can use mobile banking, telephone banking, branch network, or the conventional branch network. Some of the notable products that the bank provides include:

  • Personal Checking and Savings
  • Mortgages
  • Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Overdrafts
  • Internet Banking
  • Private Banking

Only individuals who are citizens of the UK and who are above the age of 18 years can open bank accounts with Ulster Bank. If you are eligible to operate a bank account, you can open various types of accounts. Currently, there are 5 types of accounts: foundation, current, ufirstgold, student, and graduate account. You can compare current accounts to see which one suits your banking needs.

Ulster Bank customer service representatives can help you address various issues such as lost or stolen debit/credit cards, mortgage arrears, online banking problems, switching accounts among others. So feel free to call them to making your inquiries or seek help during normal working hours.


Sometimes you may want to lodge a complaint about a wrong transaction or irregular charge on your account. At times, you may want to complain about payments that have not been posted to your account or delayed issuance of debit cards.  Many issues and complaints can be resolved quickly by dialling 0345 742 4365.

Ulster Bank customer service will aim to resolve your issue or find someone who can resolve a specific issue.  Take note that calls may be recorded for either training or quality purposes. If you would like to speak to customer representatives in person, you can use the branch locator to find the nearest branch.

Switch Your Bank

Moving your current checking or savings account to Ulster Bank is easy as dialling the Ulster Bank contact number, toll-free, 0800 046 6486. To switch an account, you will have to complete an application and submit it to the nearest branch.  New customers can switch to Ulster Bank within seven working business days. Money in your old account will be transferred to your new account as soon as it is setup. You salary will also be channelled to your new account from your employer. And if you have recurring payments, you can as well set up direct debits or standing orders. For more information on switching accounts, contact Ulster Bank customer service centres from Monday to Friday between 8.30am-7.30pm and Saturdays from 9am-2pm. The Ulster Bank Helpline is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

ulster bank customer service


Customers who wish to enrol for anytime banking should contact Ulster Bank customer service at 0345 900 3200. And those who want anytime telephone banking, the Ulster Bank helpline is 0345 742 4365. If you are calling from abroad please dial +44 345 900 3200.

Fraud Helpline

Fraud is one of the more common issues that customers face with banks today. Identity theft is happening all over the world in fact and the first place you are usually hurt is your bank account. If you have reason to believe that you received a fraudulent email or that you are the victim of credit card fraud, contact Ulster Bank toll-free 08001615151 to report the incident. Similarly, call the same number if you noticed payments to a company or e-store that you didn’t authorise. You will be assisted.Customer support is available from Mon to Fri 8am – 8pm while on Saturday from 8am – 6pm (except bank holidays).

The Ulster Bank helpline for fraud is Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm while on Saturday from 8am – 6pm (except bank holidays).

Contact Ulster Bank

Lost or Stolen Ulster Bank Debit Card

Most people use debit cards to shop and pay bills. So when you lose your special Ulster debit card or it gets stolen, it can be a distressing experience. However, don’t let a lost or stolen card cause you sleepless nights.

You should contact Ulster bank immediately at 0370 600 0459 to report the loss. Ulster Bank customer service representatives will deactivate your card and no one will be able to use it to transact. If you credit card is stolen, you can request for emergency cash from the bank. The service allows you to withdraw up to £300 if you use normally use Anytime Banking and £60. Customers who are abroad can call +44 131 549 8186 to report stolen or lost cards. Both Ulster Bank contact numbers are accessible to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ulster Bank Contact Numbers

Debt and Mortgage Arrears

Debt and mortgage-related queries and issues are some of the common things that Ulster Bank customer service representatives deal with on a daily basis. If you are stuck with managing your credit card or mortgage debt,  you should call the Ulster Bank contact number 1800 435 763 or request a friendly call back.

Ulster Bank has a financial assessment plan that’s designed to evaluate the financial situation of the borrower and help them address their repayment challenges. Specially trained advisers will perform a financial review and walk you through available repayment options. That way, you will be able to meet your financial obligations and avoid arrears. Just contact Ulster Bank helpline agents from 9am-6pm on Monday to Friday and from 9am-1pm on Saturday.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking makes it easy to manage your funds and to transact on the go. But sometimes, you may have issues which could limit your ability to use the service. If you have queries regarding mobile banking, you should contact Ulster Bank customer service at 0345 366 7001.

Customers who have enrolled for mobile banking can do a lot more with a single tap. They can transfer funds between accounts instantly and access statement of recent transactions plus seven years statements. Also, customers can  locate nearest branch or ATMS and withdraw cash from an ATM without their debit cards. If they so wish, they can apply for new accounts or  setup, view,and cancel standing orders quickly.

Ulster Textphone

Are you partially deaf or hard of hearing? You have not been forgotten. You can use the Ulster Bank helpline textphone number, 1800 924 615 for assistance. Support is available 24/7.  No matter what time you contact representatives, you can rest knowing that you will be assisted.

Write to Ulster Bank Customer Care

Dialling the Ulster Bank contact number isn’t the only way to make inquiries. You can write and send a letter with your inquiries or complaints using the following address:

Customer Care
Ulster Bank
PO Box 145
Dublin 2

Make sure that you quote your account number and indicate your branch code when writing the letter. That will help the representative address the issue quickly.

Contact Ulster Bank via Social Media

Ulster Bank has an active presence on all the major social networks. The company uses its social media channels to respond to customer queries and to keep its audience informed. If you are not able to reach the Ulster Bank helpline agents on mobile, you can as well contact support via:

Ulster Bank Contact Number

Still need further help when you can’t reach Ulster Bank contact numbers outside work hours? Go to the help and support section to learn more about Ulster Bank. You will find help with online banking, mobile app, credit cards, and service updates. There is also a FAQ section that addresses some of the common questions that customers have when contacting Ulster Bank customer service representatives. In the support centre, you will learn more about payments, registering for online banking, exchange rates, and payment transfers.

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