Utilita Energy Phone Number

Utilita Energy Phone Number
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Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 8:00PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Sunday 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Utilita Energy is a vast and fast growing company based in the UK. It’s an independent company that supply gas and electricity to residents in the UK.  There are many reasons as to why a customer should want to reach the Utilita Customer Service. This page is exactly what you need! Find all the different methods that you need to get through to Utilita Energy. You can also use Utilita Energy Phone Number provided here to contact various departments. For example, gas top-up number, billing number, tariffs, card number, etc. All the information found here is fully updated. More details about the company can be gained by browsing Utilita Energy Contact Us page.

Utilita Energy Phone Number List

 Utilita Energy Helpline  UK Contact Numbers
 Utilita Customer Service Number  0330 333 7441
 Utilita Energy New Customers  0345 206 8777
 Utilita Energy Emergency Line  0345 206 8999
 Utilita Energy Billing Queries Number  0330 333 7440
 Utilita Energy Top Up Helpline  0345 206 8333
 Utilita Energy Top Up Textphone  0180 350 0051
 Utilita Energy Warm Home Discount Services  0330 123 1234
 Utilita Energy Complaints Department  0345 207 2000
 Utilita Pay As You Go Number  0330 333 7440
 Meter Reading Helpline  0345 209 3750
 Moving Home Queries  0345 206 8777
 Utilita Energy Card  Number  0330 333 7442

Utilita Energy Contact Us

The United Kingdom has several companies that provide gas and electricities in different households throughout the country. However, few of them, including Utilita Energy provides prepayment- Pay As You Go services- to its customers. To stand out from the powerful competition, the energy company has dedicated its time to deliver high-quality services to their clients. If you have doubts that are related to Utilita tariffs or payment services, there are several channels available to communicate to Utilita support team.

You can dial 0330 333 7441 to speak to the customer service team. This number is set aside for all general enquiries regarding the company services and products. If you require Priority Services Register (PSR), this is the number to call.  Utilita helplines are open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm and from 8 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday.

Apart from  Utilita Customer Service Number, the online platform is another method to get your issue resolved. Visit the company official website and proceed to the Utilita Energy contact us page. Use the drop-down box to select the kind of enquiry you are going to make.

Along with the helpline, the consumers have the option to send feedback, comments or suggestions using the old fashioned method of letter writing and email writing. Email Utilita Customer Support through [email protected]. To post a letter, use the following address:

Utilita Energy Limited, Utilita House, Moorside Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 7RX

Utilita Energy Free Phone Number

Utilita Energy does not involve intermediaries during their services delivery. Due to this, all calls are directed to their customer service. Here are some of the Utilita Energy free Phone Number available. Customers who wish to join Utilita Energy can call their welcome number 0345 206 8777 for more information.

The company also has an emergency line that functions throughout the hour. Customers who experience gas or electricity emergency can dial Utilita Emergency number 0345 206 8999. If you suspect gas leakage, contact the National Grid operator through the service line 0800 111 999 or visit their official web page.

Customers who have billing related enquiries should phone 0330 333 7440. This number is, however, available from Monday to Friday during their regular opening hours. If you require your bill statement sent to you, make a request using the number. Alternatively, you can get a solution online. Browse Utilita Contact Us page and visit the Bills section where you will fill in a form and submit online.

Utilita Energy Top Up Services

Customers can easily top up their meter easily. You can call Utilita Energy Top Up Number 0345 206 8333 anytime. Provide the necessary details of your Utilita card. If you have speech or hearing impairment, you can SMS the support team through the Utilita textPhone 0180 350 0051If you have internet support, you can avoid the long waits when Utilita Energy Free Contact Number and Top Up online.

The payment card can also be recharged at the local PayPoint Outlet. PayPoints are placed throughout the country and can also be accessed on their website.

Utilita Energy Warm Home Discount Services

utilita worm home discount

Do you have financial constraints this winter? If yes, you can apply for a warm home discount. Warm home discount is an initiative started by the government to give one-off payment to homestead that my face fuel or energy poverty in the winter. You can call Utilita Energy Contact Number 0330 123 1234 to check whether you qualify for the scheme. You can also seek assistance online by visiting the help section.

Utilita Smart Meter Services

Utilita has become popular in smart meter services. This is a new real-time technology in that assist the consumer to manage the usage and save money. The smart meter has a touchscreen connected to gas and electricity that help the user understand the consumption rate and also provide the credit amount. For an automated meter, dial Utilita Energy Contact Number 0345 209 3750. To make payment to your meter, just make a call to Utilita Energy Top Up Helpline provided above. More information on smart meter installation services can be found on the Smart meter section.

Utilita Moving Home Services

For questions related to moving home services call 0345 206 8777. Utilita Customer service is at hand and will offer all the queries that are related to the company services and product. If you would like a new smart meter installed into your new home, call the number and provide the details. The Moving home number is available Mon-Fri 8 am to 8 pm, and on sat-sun 8 am to 5 pm. Kindly remember to notify the company when moving out. Submission of these details can be made through an online form.

Having issues with you Red card or Blue card? Don’t shy off! Reach out to Utilita Support team through Utilita Energy Card  Number 0330 333 7442 and let them assist you. You can also get help by visiting Utilita Energy Contact Us page and fill in a form. These helplines are available Mon-Fri 8 am to 8 pm and  8 am to 5 pm on sat-sun.

Utilita Energy Complaints Department

utilita complaints

Utilita Energy has thousands of consumers to whom they deliver them services. Not all the customers are likely to be satisfied with the attention they receive. Issues may arise, in particular with the smart meter. In this case, you can always make your issue known to the customer care team. Reach Utilita Customer Service desk by calling Utilita Energy Free Phone Number 0345 207 2000. They will listen to your complaint and start an immediate follow up to get it resolved as quickly as possible. If you experience a service interruption, or you want to report an emergency, make the call. To report the loss of supply, use their emergency line.

If you prefer sending an email, send your complaint to the following email address: [email protected]. Alternatively, you can use your efficient writing skills, draft a polite letter and send it to Utility Energy Head Office. Use the address:

Utilita Energy Limited Hutwood Court Bournemouth Road Chandler’s Ford Eastleigh SO53 3QB

If the customer service team is unable to solve your complaint immediately, they will direct your queries to the leader of the customer relation team. Be sure to get a response after five days if you sent your enquiry through mail or letter.

If you are not happy with the final response given as the response, they have listed an independent organisation where you escalated your complaint. You can contact Citizen Advisor using free mobile number 0345 404 0506. If you wish, visit their website. The physical address to use when writing a letter is: Citizens Advice, Consumer Service, PO Box 833, Moulton Park, Northampton, NN3 0AN

Find Utilita Energy on Social Media

Utility Energy has more than one social media pages through which you can use to get through to the support team. Customers who have previously used this method have given positive feedback, so can you. Contact Utility Energy on:

  • Facebook– like Utilita Facebook page and be updated on the latest happenings.
  • Twitter– discuss the issues you are having with the customer service using Utilita account.
  • Youtube– it’s fun!
  • LinkenIn – receive professional tips on how to save energy.
  • Utilita News– get the latest news

Utilita Energy Overview

Utility Energy is a gas and electricity company in the UK that provides prepayment solution to its customers for more than ten years.  They are the leading and the largest with Prepayment options and very competitive tariffs. Nowadays, Utilita offers free smart meter installation. In 2008, the company launched competitive price than those provided by the ‘BIG SIX’ that have won them more customers. Despite the company focusing on smart meters to save you money and energy, the company has a scheme that helps fight fuel poverty, particular in the winter season. Browse through the Utilita official website for more information about the company.

The company boasts of having over 400000 customers in the UK and each and every day, an hour their welcome number receive a call to make a registry. Utilita it’s able to maintain its presence as an energy supplier company in the UK by providing satisfactory services to its customers. They have a dedicated team and customers who reach out them. They don’t keep you waiting for longer hours and you will always end a call with a smile. Contact Utilita Customer service through:

  • Utilita Energy Phone Numbers above.
  • Email writing.
  • Postal address to Utilita Energy Head Office.
  • Online chats on Utilita Contact us section.
  • Follow them on social media.

Utilita energy contact us

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