Utility Warehouse Contact Numbers

Utility Warehouse Contact Numbers

Utility Warehouse UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 9.00 am - 5.30 pm
Saturday 9.00 am - 4.30 pm

All the information you would like to know about Utility Warehouse, you will find it here. It is a multi-utility company, located in the UK, that provides services to both residents and businesses ranging from gas, broadband, electricity, landline, and mobile services.

Utility Warehouse Departments Contact Numbers
Customer service 0333 777 3212
General enquiry 0333 777 0777
Home Movers 0333 777 0888
Technical support Broadband  0333 777 0555
Overseas Technical Support Broadband 0208 955 5555
Business Technical Support 0344 815 0040
Meter readings 0333 777 0999
Overseas Customers 0208 955 5557
Head office 0344 815 0506
Fax 0344 815 0810

Opening hours Mon to Fri 9am – 5:30pm and Sat 9am – 4:30pm

Utility Warehouse Customer Service

The contact number to reach Utility Warehouse Customer Service is 033 777 3212 which connects you to customer agents who in turn assist you with queries and information you may be searching regarding:

  • Offers provided by the company
  • What you will get after switching all your services
  • How to get incentives for referring your friends
  • Queries to do with their electric, mobile, gas, and broadband services connection or disconnection
  • Energy reduced prices

Furthermore, you can write them an email by filling the form and enquire about any information you need to know. You can also head on to their site FAQ page probably there may be information that could assist with your queries and search.

Utility Warehouse Complaints

Utility Warehouse complaints number is 0333 777 0777. This Utility Warehouse helpline number gives you access to staff where you can enquire about services to do with electricity, bandwidth, gas and much more. You can also call if you have a problem or suggesting improvement.

Utility Warehouse Home Movers

Utility Warehouse home moving phone number is 0333 777 0888. Here your plan to move is well taken care of. The company provides their customers with moving home plan and when you call them expect to get a response whether it is a query to move out or move your luggage in your new location. The other option you can reach them is going to the Moving Home website page.

Utility Warehouse Technical Support

Dial this Utility Warehouse Technical Support number 0333 777 0555 with an expectation of you receiving help and assistance you may require. Though only do so having exhausted steps found on their Existing Tech page.

Utility Warehouse Head Office

Call Utility Warehouse head office telephone number 0344 815 0506, and get connected to authorities. You can contact the office if having dissatisfaction about the company services, to contribute a suggestion about their tariffs, or any other important issue demanding the big office attention, get’s you assured of a thorough look at your query you may have.

And if probably you would like to visit the headquarter personally, head on to:

508 Edgware Rd, London NW9 5AB, UK

Utility Warehouse Fax

The number to contact Utility Warehouse Fax is 0344 815 0810 when you want to reach the company headquarter. It is an alternative for those who prefer faxing rather than calling directly to inquire about the information they would like to send across or receive back.

Utility Warehouse Press Release

If you want to stay ahead with the inside story or what is going on with this company, then you can contact them by writing to Utility Warehouse jobs email address to [email protected], and here you will have feedback with your query and enough information you were searching. Through a press release, you learn about the future of this company and the direction the company is heading regarding services they provide to UK citizens.

Contact Utility Warehouse via Social Media

In addition to Utility Warehouse customer service contact numbers, you can also approach the company via social media:

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