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Visa Phone Number
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Visa Phone Number List

Visa Card Number UK Contact Number
General Enquiries +44 (0)20 7795 5777
Visa Credit Card Switchboard Number +44 (0)20 7937 8111

Visa Overview

Visa is a subsidiary under the body Visa Inc. Visa is a Europe agency cards connecting customers, businesses, financial institution and the government. Visa card is an electronic payment method that is utilised in more than 200 countries worldwide. If you are in the market for a new credit card or thinking about consolidating balances on several cards, to cut down extremely high-interest rates, fees and late charges, look no further than the Visa UK credit card.

Visa Card is the fastest and capable of making over 65,000 transaction messages. Visa Bank Card has become a popular choice for most of UK resident due to their fraud protection. Since Visa is not a bank, it doesn’t offer cards nor does it issue loans. Visa was innovated and introduced to reduce the gap between consumers and retails. Visa enables you to shop for any product and pay whenever you need to pay. Using the Visa Credit Card for the fast time can be confusing. If you experience difficulties using their services, use Visa Phone Number to reach the customer service desk.

Visa Credit Card Services

Visa Card is one of the best cards to utilise as it offers features and services like low monthly interest rates and cash back, bonuses and rewards for shopping and using your card for payments. With a Visa, you can easily manage your business. They provide Visa Business Card for your business. Any time you make a transaction using your card, a clear itemised record is kept showing all your transaction thus aiding in the financial management of your business. Visa Card Number can also be used to make consultation and analytics of how to get most out of your card.

With Visa Credit Card you can quickly pay for any services either in person, online, or through mail any place in the world using any device. If you fear that your Visa Bank Fraud has unauthorised activities, Visa Card website and view all your transactions making it easy to navigate their site and detect fraud. This is a great feature if ever your card is lost or stolen as you can view transactions as they come in and support any suspicious activity on your card.  You can also use the Visa Card Number of the phone bank you applied for report suspicious activities of your account.

When you’re ready to speak with someone about Visa Card, call the Visa phone number+44 (0)20 7937 8111, and an operator can answer any questions you have.


Contact Visa Card Customer Service

Visa has a team of customer services aimed at responding to any queries that you might have. The customer services are distributed into different departments each having a speciality on handling specific issues pertaining the Visa Credit Card. The best method of contacting Visa is through their website. If you have lost your Visa Bank Card, call the bank that issued the card and asks for assistance. However, if your card got lost or stolen while abroad, you can always contact Visa and provide the details that their customer service will request you.

If you have tried using website and you didn’t get assistance, you can always use Visa Phone Numbers. You can use the Visa Card Number +44 (0)20 7795 5777 and the customer service will answer all the questions that you have in mind. This includes credit card queries, prepaid services, business, etc. You can also use your card at any local bank that has the Visa sign in its window to withdraw from ATM.

Apart from Visa Card Number, you can use their well monitored social pages for any enquiry you have. Visit and post your queries through Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.


Write to Visa Credit Card Customer care

If your local bank that issued you with the card is unable to resolve your issues, you can always write or visit Visa central. Write an email to Visa Customer Support and expect a response within 48hrs. If you want to pay a visit or send a letter, the address is as follows. When writing a letter, make sure you add the necessary contact details for quick solving of your problems.


1 Sheldon Square,

London W2 6TT

Visa Card Helpline Tips

If you ever need to call Visa during standard business hours, you can reach someone in their switchboard as general hours of operation are set up Monday through Friday for live operators. Some departments may open early, stay late or have Saturday hours, but this will depend on each department. For ATM usage with your card, you can access any ATM that has the Visa Card logo 24-hours a day. If you need customer service or have trouble with your card, or to report it lost or stolen, just call the Visa phone number and even if it’s after hours, you can access the appropriate prompts.

Visa Phone Number
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