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Vitality is a health and life insurance company created in 1994 that operates in the United Kingdom and it has almost 700,000 customers known formerly as PruHealth. On this page, you will find the most relevant information about how to get in contact with the customer service team at Vitality along with a Vitality Contact Number list.

Vitality Phone Number List

Vitality Helpline UK Contact Number
Vitality Customer Service 0345 602 3523
VitalityLife Customer Service 0345 601 0072
Vitality London Office 0207 133 8600
Vitality Bournemouth Office 0345 279 8877
Vitality Bournemouth Office 0345 602 4848
Vitality Stockport Office 0345 602 4848
Vitality health phone Number 0808 256 4974
Health Insurance Phone Number 0808 274 5553
Health Insurance quote 0808 256 4841
Personal Healthcare 0800 779 955
Personal Healthcare Claims 0345 602 3523
Business Healthcare 0808 159 3524
Business Healthcare Claims 0345 602 3437
Corporate Healthcare 0345 279 8865
Vitality Contact Number Health Advisers 0345 279 8863
Healthcare Providers 0800 092 9400
Technical support with e-billing 0800 012 4648
Pru Health Claims Contact Number 0808 256 4974
Life Insurance Contact Number 0808 159 2976
Life Insurance quote 0808 250 7480
Personal Life Insurance 0808 250 748
Existing customer claims and services 0345 601 0072
Business Life Insurance 0333 920 4711
Advisers 0808 234 3000
Agencies and commissions 0345 601 0072
Underwriting 0800 012 1796
Health Insurance complaints 0345 602 3523
Life Insurance complaints 0345 601 0072
Financial Ombudsman 0800 023 4567

Vitality Customer Service Address

If you want to write a letter instead, you can do it to London Office
Vitality, 4th Floor, 70 Gracechurch Street, London EC3V 0XL or to Bournemouth Office, Vitality, Marshall Point, 4 Richmond Gardens, Bournemouth, BH1 1JD or to Stockport Office, Vitality, St Christopher House, 217 Wellington Road South, Stockport, Cheshire, SK2 6NG.

Vitality is an insurance company, part of the global leader in insurance, Discovery Holding, that has more than 4 million clients worldwide. It is an insurance company that rewards its customers to live well. Vitality is a company that treats people well so they feel special from the start to the end.

Vitality Health Insurance

Vitality Health InsuranceIf you choose Vitality Health Insurance you will have the peace of mind knowing that you and your family would have access to high-quality medical treatment when needed. You will have access to special features with a private healthcare from Vitality, the formerly Pru health. If you own a smartphone running on iOS or Android, you can even get a video consultation with a specialist, and immediate referral if needed. You will have access to amazing peaceful and relaxing rooms to help you recover fast.

If you choose for example the Core Cover you will have access 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to a private helpline, private prescriptions, video consultations and more. Core Cover includes Home Nursing, Privat ambulance, Vitality GP, Extended Cancer Cover, Oral surgery, Pregnancy complications, Weight loss surgery, Parrent accommodation, Corrective surgery, In-patient and day-patient treatment and even more. You can even personalise your Core Cover. Get a health insurance quote by clicking this link or by calling Vitality health phone Number 0808 256 4974.

If you want to make a health insurance claim you need to know where to do it and how to do it. Normally you should get in contact with someone from Vitality by calling the Vitality health phone Number, formerly known as Pru Health Claims Contact Number 0808 256 4974, but when the claim response team will need more information from you regarding your health insurance policy, you will need to complete a claim form. Normally, in most cases, you don’t have to pay anything towards your treatment. If there will be an excess on your plan, you will need to pay that excess directly to that provider.

Regarding the hospitals you will be treated in, you need to know that Vitality has a partnership with Alliance Surgical, a doctor-owned organisation that will choose for you best consultants and they will then choose the proper hospital for your needs. If you want to choose another hospital, you can check the hospital list or you can call the formerly Pruhealth Contact Us number 0808 256 4974. If you want to choose another hospital that is not on the list, you will have to pay 40% of the costs for your treatment. Don’t forget to call the Pru Health Claims Contact Number if you have to make a claim.

Vitality Life Insurance

Vitality Life InsuranceA life insurance is a cover that pays money to your family or to a nominated person by you in the case of dying. You will be able to choose from two Life Insurance plans, Term Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance. It is very important to know that getting a life insurance will help your family later in case something happens to you. Your debts will be paid, mortgage repayments, or household bills. The price for a life insurance depends on many factors, your age, and your health, if you work in a high-risk occupation, if you smoke or not and more. Call Pruhealth Telephone Number 0808 256 8885 to find more about costs.

The minimum term for a life insurance is 5 years and the maximum is your entire life. The minimum price for a life insurance could be £8 for a minimum cover of £10,000, but everything depends on many factors if you are a smoker or not, depends on your age, and your medical history and general health. Before purchasing a life insurance, you should talk to an expert by calling the Pruhealth Phone Number 0808 256 8885

With Vitality, formerly known as Pruhealth you could get yourself an Income Protection Insurance that will help you to make sure you will be able to pay all your monthly bills if you can’t work due to some injury, disability or illness. You can get Income Protection even if you are self-employed and you can always take out your income Protection Insurance. The price depends on occupation, age, whether you are a smoker and medical history. Call Pruhealth Contact Us number 0808 256 8885 to find more about this Income Protection Insurance.

If you choose Serious Illness Cover you will be protected for 174 conditions, and if you take Primary Serious Illness Cover, you will be covered for more than 100 conditions and if you choose Critical Illness policy you will be covered for 42 conditions. With Serious Illness Cover you can claim more than once, you will be covered for strokes and heart attacks, and you will have unique family-friendly benefits. Click here to find more about the conditions covered by Vitality or call the Pruhealth Telephone Number 0808 159 1449 to find more about Serious Illness Cover policy.

Get a Mortgage Protection Insurance and you will be protected in case you get ill and you can’t work. You can choose between Mortgage Incapacity Cover and Mortgage Life Cover. With Mortgage Incapacity Cover you will get up to 24 monthly payment in case you get sick and can’t work, and with Mortgage Life Cover, your mortgage will be paid if you die. Call the Pruhealth Phone Number 0808 149 3942 to find more about Mortgage Protection Insurance.
LifestyleCare Cover will protect you against any financial impact on the future days, you will be protected against any degenerative illnesses like Alzheimer, Parkinson, dementia or stroke. If you don’t use all of your plans, the remaining will be transferred to your loved ones. Call Pruhealth Contact Us 0808 149 4121 to find more about the LifestyleCare Cover insurance.

With life insurance from Vitality, you can get Life insurance for individuals, for couples, for families, for retirees, and insurance for business. Doesn’t matter if you are working, traveling or studying, with Income Protection Cover, you will be protected for any difficulties you may have if you can’t get an income for a long period of time. Call the phone number 0808 149 4121 to find more about the Life insurance for individuals.

Choose a Life insurance for couples and you could build the future along with your partner from just £1.10 a day and you will have your lifestyle protected. Call Pruhealth Telephone Number 0808 149 4121 to find more about Life Insurance for couples. If you want to protect the people you love, you should choose a life insurance for families. You could get the Income protection cover or Serious Illness Cover, call 0808 149 3942 to get a quote for family protection life insurance. There are life insurances for retirees and you should call Pruhealth Phone Number 0808 256 7135 to speak to a Pruhealth adviser or to get a quote.

If you are interested in getting a Business Protection, you could protect the people who work for your business, giving your company a long-term stability. You should call Vitality Contact Number 0808 271 3712 to find more about Business insurance or write to the Vitality Customer Service. If you are a sole trader you could pick a life cover that will protect your loved ones in case you die, you could choose a serious illness cover for more than 170 conditions or income protection cover to protect you if you can’t work anymore. You will be able to give your employees an extra reason to stay, you could reduce the impact of losing an employee due to a severe illness, and you could keep your business stable and protect the financial stability in uncertain times.

Vitality on Social Media

Vitality on FacebookYou can find Vitality, formerly known as Pruhealth, on Facebook, where you will find a page with more than 37,000 likes, where you can see photos and videos of Vitality products and services, along with the possibility to ask questions to the Facebook Vitality Customer Service. On Twitter, you fill find a page with more than 17,000 followers and 22,000 tweets where you can also watch more than 900 videos and photos of Vitality services. You can ask a question to the support team or send a tweet. They have also an Instagram page with more than 2,000 followers and more than 300 posts, where you can watch great photos, and find more about Vitality. You will find a great Youtube channel where you can watch amazing videos about Vitality advertising and Pruhealth products.

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