Vodafone Customer Service

Vodafone Customer Service
Vodafone Customer Service

Vodafone UK Operation Hours

All Days 8:00AM - 9:00PM
Vodafone UK Routing Number
Press 1 Billing payments and account changes
Press 2Technical and network problame
Press 3Upgarde or update plan

Vodafone Phone Number Tips

 Vodafone Helpline  UK Contact Numbers
 Vodafone Customer Service Number  0333 304 0191
 Complaints Hotline  0808 004 4900
 Vodafone Website Accessibility Contact  0333 304 3222
 Vodafone Business Sales Phone Number  0808 099 6777
 Press Office  0163 569 3693
 Vodafone Abroad  +44 783 619 1191
 Pay As You Go services  0333 304 8048
 Lost Phone Number  0333 304 0191
 Personal Sales  0808 040 8408
 Medium and Large Business  0808 004 4495
 4G Business Number  0808 060 0802

Vodafone Overview

Vodafone is a leading telecommunication company in the great Britain. The company was the first company to introduce 4G services in the UK residents. Vodafone is the most influential telecom company providing both voice and data services in the UK and other 21 countries. The company has a partnership with other competing companies in 40 countries. The company roots can be traced back to 1991 and its headquarters are located in Newbury, London. Vodafone was the first company to introduce 4G network and went ahead to introduce a better 4.5G network.

Vodafone Customer Service are dedicated to offering the best services to meet both personal and business needs. It’s the largest company globally, providing employment to over 100000 workers to aid in service deliveries. If you wish to Contact Vodafone Support, dial 0333 304 0191. The Vodafone Customer Service Number will connect you to a representative agent who will deal with your queries. There is no issue, small or big that Vodafone won’t deal with. More information can be found by visiting their website, or if you contact Vodafone through the Vodafone Helpline provided by this site.

Vodafone Services

Vodafone offers superb services and products for both personal and business customers. Vodafone Customer Service features:

  • Phones- for any mobile brand just to mention, Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony and more.
  • Bundles and sim- get the best voice, data service, and mobile data plans that will meet your needs.
  • iPads and tablets-Contact Vodafone for the latest phones, tablets, WI-FI dongles and much more.
  • Other accessories

Customers who are interested in Vodafone Pay As You Go services can use Vodafone Customer Care Number 0333 304 8048. If you choose Pay as you go services, you can also get freebies by way of text, minutes or even data bundles. With Vodafone, you can choose their flexible monthly plans of 12 to 24 months contracts. All the plans come with various minutes.

With Vodafone, you can tailor your mobile internet to suits your needs and also the budget. To learn more about these services, use Vodafone Helpline to connect to Vodafone Support, who will give you a run on the services including the monthly deals. You can also visit their webpage and at the bottom, click ‘Products and services’ and you will learn all the products being offered by the company.

vodafone services

Contact Vodafone Customer Service

Existing customers with Vodafone Mobile Phone can dial 191 for any service. Calling on these Vodafone Customer Service Number is free. Need help with data, minutes or text service? Pick up your phone and call Vodafone Support. Clients who are searching for business plans that will cover their needs, haste and call Vodafone Customer Care Number 0808 004 4495 for both small and big business.

Vodafone would like to make your plans to travel abroad simple. If you want to contact Vodafone when abroad, all you have to do is dial +44 783 619 1191 and get solutions. The number is free from mobile telephones. A group of Vodafone Customer Service all always at the end of any call to handle any issue, big or small, until it gets resolved.

If you would rather Contact Vodafone by other means, other than their Vodafone Helpline, proceed to their website and use the contact us page. At the page, you will find a live chat section where you can write your issue. Sometimes the service may be busy, and you will need to visit the page several for a response. Alternatively, you can follow Vodafone support on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.


Write to Vodafone Customer Care

If you want to avoid the hassle of searching for any of the Vodafone Customer Service Number, you can always write to them. Make sure that you send a letter through a special delivery so that you can receive a receipt once they receive the letter. Use the following address:

Customer Relations Manager
Vodafone Limited
The Connection
RG14 2FN

Vodafone Helpline Tips

If you have any questions such as Vodafone billings, accounts, upgrades, complaints, suggestions, the best option is to contact Vodafone Customer Service. The telecom company has employed thousands of employees to stationed them in different departments. It’s always advisable to check the category of your enquiry before making any phone call. For example, for complaints, feedbacks and suggestions, always contact Vodafone Customer Care Number 0808 004 4900.

If you prefer to seek assistance online, open a Vodafone account to get you issues resolved quickly. Customers having a problem with their handset can visit the nearby stores and talk face to face with a customer representative. Visit their website and use find store page found at the bottom of the home page.

Vodafone Customer Service
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  • No service available when I rang from mobile & landline. Most frustrating. I was promised a credit due to new mast I december whi h left no coverage in my area. No such credit given & impossible to get through. Come on! I pay enough to expect a better service.

    • I had my worst ever customer experience with Vodafone UK when I wanted to terminate my contract in the mid March this year before my return to Japan on 23rd March 2016. The operator did not want me to terminate my contract and tried to convince me to stay with Vodafone before she finaly accepted the termination. Today I found Vodafone had stolen my money by direct debit even more than 45 days after they accepted the termination of contract.

  • I had a problem with my balance and they don’t help me in the 191, I would like to chat with someone, thanks

  • All I need is a certificate from you to prove that my lost phone’s IMEI number upon reporting it to you is BLACKLISTED for the insurance company

    • Now I’m told my comment needs moderation!! What’s this? When will I get the proof that the IMEI number is BLACKLISTED? Just a statement to prove so that I can send it to insurance company, thx. It’s is crucial for me to replace my LOST iPhone.

  • i went on Friday to one of your shops at Wood Green North London, as you have sent me many e-mails telling me that my data has been used up in only a week , the guy told me to contact 191 which I did to up grade my contract by 1gb, I have spent two days trying to talk to a operator with no success, how in the name of God do I contact you , I cannot find any route either on my phone or my iPad to talk to an actual person, why do you make it so hard to speak to an operator, all I have been able to get though to it automated, I find it so frustrating. It would be ice if you replied to this e-mail.

    K R Brown.


  • I bay extra date at 7 pm and still not active , hau long taiko to active

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