Wonga Contact Number Helpline

Wonga Contact Number Helpline
Wonga Customer Service

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All Days 24/7
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Wonga Contact Number Helpline Tips

Wonga Helpline UK Contact Number
Wonga Customer Service General 0207 138 8331
Wonga Customer Care Loan Payment 0207 138 8330
Wonga Login Automated Payments 020 7183 0063
Report Fraud / Complaints 0800 3166745

Wonga Overview

Wonga, also known as the Wonga Group Limited, is a payday loan company in the UK that offers short-term, but high-cost credit to customers who need it. The company has been in operation since October 2006 when Jonty Hurwitz and Errol Darmelin founded it in London, UK.

In addition to the UK, the firm has operations in South Africa, Poland, Germany, Spain, and Canada. The company mainly strives to cater to the needs of customers who are currently not feeling well catered for by the mainstream lenders. Wonga loans are an alternative to typical bank loans received. They are one of the best that you can find in the United Kingdom because of interest rates. It is simply because Wonga loans come with low interests that borrowers can be able to pay in an ephemeral of time.

Wonga Services

Generally, Wonga Helpline services the community with short-term cash flow for better economic success. The firm strives to do this by providing customers with high-cost credit in the short term. The company allows applicants to determine the exact amount of money that they want to borrow.

Although the company has made a name by providing customers with loans, it is growing in popularity from the opportunity that it offers borrowers to determine the length of time for which they need the loan. To gain access to the loans that the company offers, you will have to use Wonga login with the online portal. It is a simple feature on the platform of the company that gives you quick access to the company. The Wonga contact number helpline can as well give you quick access to the company. If your quest is for Wonga loans, simply give the company a call today.

However, the company also offers additional assistance to customers. It educates them on the need for proper managing of finances and avoiding the urge to take loans all the time. It discourages customers from using loans to manage their debts.

It is worth mentioning that the company charges a missed payment fee of £15 at 11pm on the third day after the last date of repayment. Similarly, failure to repay on time forces the company to charge a late interest rate of 0.8% for up 30 days from the repayment date. Using a special Wonga phone number on the company’s website will give you a proper knowledge of the interest rates a client is entitled to get.

Contact Wonga Customer Service

Any customer who has a pressing issue should contact Wonga Helpline immediately, 020 7138 8331. The customer service number is available 24/7 to customers.

The automated repayment number for any person who wants to repay the short-term loan is 0207 183 0063. Customers who took an installment loan and are now ready to repay it should call 0207 138 8330. Remember that you can as well get quick access to the company by using the Wonga contact number helpline. The company has well-trained experts who can help you resolve any problem related to Wonga login and loan applications.

The Wonga phone number to call in case any fraudulent action is 0800 3166745.

Wonga Contact Number Helpline

Write To Wonga Customer Care

There is always another option to contact Wonga when you are unprepared to speak with the Wonga Customer Service representative. Instead, you can write to Wonga directly at 3 Prince Albert Rd, London NW1 7SN, UK.

Wonga Contact Tips

Live chat is one of the best ways for contacting Wonga customer service. Live chat makes it easier to contact the company’s representatives who are available and accessible for contact from Monday to Saturday. If you cannot wait for the queue, simply call a Wonga phone number on the website. Customers can get Wonga contact numbers on the main portal.

Other methods to contact Wonga include via the official website by using Wonga login feature. The 5-minute quote that customers get by dialing the appropriate company number has proved an effective method for taking with the firm’s representatives about any pressing Wonga-related issue.

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