Yodel Customer Service

Yodel Customer Service
Yodel Customer Service

Yodel UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 9:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 1:00PM
Sunday ---

Yodel Phone Number Tips

Yodel  Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Yodel Customer Service (Toll-free) 0808 101 0002
Large Parcels Delivery 0800 051 5506
Yodel Parcel Tracking 0800 157 7777
Yodel Contact Number 01204 23 8089
Yodel Complaints Number 01707 287609

Yodel Overview

Yodel is one of the leading independent parcel delivery companies in the United Kingdom with almost 1,500 clients and a relationship with approximately 80% of the nation’s top retailers. Since its launch in the year 2010 by Home Delivery Network, the company has grown rapidly and now handles more than 135 million parcels each year. Along with a competent workforce that’s over 16,000 on a peak day, Yodel has an equally efficient customer service desk to address issues and problems with lightening fast speed. It has its headquarters at Liverpool, England. The company provides quick and efficient delivery in the UK. You can dial the Yodel contact number 0808 101 0002 or check out their main website, Yodel.

Yodel Services

Yodel offers a variety of services to cater to all your needs. With the help of Yodel Business, Yodel Home and Yodel Neighbourhood, you can enjoy flexible, convenient, scheduled and customer controlled services. You can deliver parcels globally and to all European countries through Yodel World. The company also offers a great delivery service called Yodel Direct, which allows you to choose the suitable time of delivery (either on next day or within 48 Hrs.). With its extensive network of 5,300 outlets nationwide, Yodel helps you to collect and send parcels till late, round the week. To ensure efficiency and fast the delivery, the company uses small tracks that are easy to navigate. The management also does a good job of ensuring that there are no backlogs of deliveries carried to the next day. You can be able to track your parcel from the pickup time to arrival. If you would like to order anything, you can dial Yodel contact number 0800 1577777 to talk to a customer service agent. You can also check out products and services to learn more about what the company offers.

Contact Yodel Customer Service

Yodel customer service operates from 8 am to 9 pm, from Monday to Friday and 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays. For large parcels delivery, you can contact Yodel by calling 0800 051 5506You can also use the Yodel contact direct number 01204238089The direct line will connect you directly to a customer support representative, unlike the other numbers which use an automated system. Additionally, if you have any complaint about a parcel or the services offered, you can dial 01707 287609Also, you can send your feedback about the services by filling up an online form available at their official website. You can also send a direct message to their digital customer care representative using their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Yodel Customer Service

Write to Yodel Customer Care

Yodel is a well-developed company. It serves millions of customers a day. Apart from calling the Yodel phone numbers; you can also walk into one of their branches for any complaints or enquiries. However, you can also be able to address your issue via writing an ordinary letter. The letter should be referred and mailed to,

Yodel Customer Service,

Second Floor,

Atlantic Pavilion,

Albert Dock, Liverpool,

Merseyside, L3 4AE.

Yodel Contact Number Helpline Tips

While contacting Yodel customer service desk, make sure to communicate the nature of your query, problem or complaint clearly. It’s important to keep the different Yodel phone numbers handy and also always remember to call the right customer support department. Also keep your call card ID or parcel ID handy if you need help with tracking your parcel. Also, it is important to note that the helpline numbers are not very by from 8 am to 11 am. This is the best time to contact Yodel.

Yodel Customer Service
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69 Comments to “Yodel Customer Service”

  • Flowers delivered whilst I was out. Wall knocked down by delivery vehicle!!!!
    Have spent about an hour trying to get through your systems and paying to listen to music. Very frustrating.
    A drystone wall it needs to be repaired!

  • Yodel systems to deal with customers inefficient and frustrating

  • Why keep making comments? Are your systems designed to exhaust customers so that they give up?

  • Will seek legal advice and am making no more comments!

  • You are the worst company I have ever dealt with your drivers are lazy and illiterate they are also untrustworthy they do not do as they say my parcel was meant to be delivered Saturday the tracking details say it’s been delivered to a neighbour 5 doors down lie, as I waited in all day they are also unable to use a door bell, or are unable to knock on a door, they also can’t write as no note was put through the door, they don’t understand the concept of a letter box, I require answers to the above statements so please prove me wrong that you are not all incompetent idiots

  • You are the worst company I have ever dealt with your drivers are lazy and illiterate they are also untrustworthy they do not do as they say my parcel was meant to be delivered Saturday the tracking details say it’s been delivered to a neighbour 5 doors down lie, as I waited in all day they are also unable to use a door bell, or are unable to knock on a door, they also can’t write as no note was put through the door, they don’t understand the concept of a letter box, I require answers to the above statements so please prove me wrong that you are not all incompetent idiots

  • I would like to tell you that the customer services you provide is really poor or nonexistent.
    I have tried to contact yodel for a whole week in relation to a parcel and I could not speak to anyone, just the machine . Waiting times are 5 plus minutes and never get through to someone.
    Tried to find yodel email and there isn’t one!!!
    I will be thinking twice before using your services again and probably NOT recommend it to anyone

  • Arrived home from holiday today to discover my new mobile phone in the shed but because I was away and the shed was locked the idiot delivery person instead of leaving a card to rearrange delivery broke the lock of my shed, left the parcel in full view as well as my lawn mower, hedge trimmer and strimmer please be assured I would be starting legal action if anything had gone missing and I will be contacting kandco to complain.

  • Very poor service. Delivered to work address on a saturday and left in a BIffa bin.

  • YODEL IS totally CRAP
    Do not deliver on time
    Do not deliver when promised
    Unreliable and inconsistent
    It is not possible to contact them in any reasonable way to “discuss” issues with deliveries

    0 out of 10 for service

  • A few days ago I agreed to take in a parcel for my neighbour.This was not a problem as I am in all day…Later the same day my neighbour knocked at my door asking for his parcel ..I told him that it still hadn’t been delivered.He was quite upset that it hadn’t arrived and said he would phone Yodel..a few minutes later he knocked again and was told that it had been delivered to my address and a signature gained . Obviously I knew that wasn’t the case.he then told me it was being investigated ..I said good I can’t wait to see the signature as I shall certainly contact the police ..I spoke to my neighbour today and he said the parcel then turned up the next day the item was broken and was returned..I am thinking about contacting my solicitor on this matter as it has cast a shadow over my good name .

  • Absolutely useless. Unable to talk to a live being or find an email address. Would not recommend them to anyone. Also, they often say they have been but have not – no card or anything. Sub-standard in every way.

    • Agree 100% worst courier service I’ve ever known. Shouldn’t be allowed to operate!

  • Yodel very poor service no specified time morning afternoon evening no time left on card phone line automated very annoying

  • What a joke all that “Leading Service Provider” and Customer service. Have these idiots not read and seen all the angry groups around the internet set up just because Yodel is such a P**s poor company across the board. Can you imagine what it’s like on the training day… Errr yeah well if you can’t find it, never mind someone will come and get it in the end or just leave it in a bin.

    By the way I still don’t have my parcel. Second time in two weeks. I would be ashamed to drive one of their vans.

  • our yodel courier took it upon himself to walk down the side of our house, enter our back garden, go all the way to the back of it, open the shed and put the parcel in there. Isnt that trespass?

  • Read your blurb about how good you. Sounds lovely. Pity you cannot deliver a parcel from Keighley 8 miles down the road to Carleton!!!! Also a shame you have rude staff. And no easy way to contact. Why do you twitter bulls**t too???

    Hopefully anything else I order will be delivered i.e. by a delivery company!! Love the post office

  • Read your blurb about how good you. Sounds lovely. Pity you cannot deliver a parcel from Keighley 8 miles down the road to Carleton!!!! Also a shame you have rude staff. And no easy way to contact. Why do you twitter bulls**t too??? Hopefully anything else I order will be delivered i.e. by a delivery company!! Love the post office


  • inreturned home to find a yodel card posted through the letter box that said “door mat” under “I have left your parcel in a safe location”. When I looked outside again there was nothing there. When I called and talked to the yodel support team they said that they would talk to the driver and get back to me……a week later no response, and when I called back I was told it was not their problem and to get the sender to open case with the courier they employed!

    What a lot of utter tosh! The parcel was left in an unsecure place and subsequently disappeared.

    Sick fed up of this behaviour, MyHermes did something similar today. I would urge anyone looking to send a parcel to use the recognised suppliers (ie. Royal Mail etc) as they will car you correctly and hold the parcel rather than dumping it!

  • Yodel are absolutely appalling. There isn’t even a way to complain other than by phone during office hours. 1 delivery (still incomplete) 8 failures of service and counting… The service depot is covered with posters about excellence in customer service! Just breathtakingly incompetent.

    • This website is very informative to read. I’m an enormous follower of the stuff you talk about. I adlaiiontldy love reading the comments, but it surely seems like a substantial amount of readers want to stay on topic to attempt to add one thing to the unique topic. I’d also encourage all of you to bookmark this web page to your most used service to assist get the phrase out.

  • Seriously bad service. ordered a package on Thursday last week and its yet to arrive. I did some research online to find that your delivery company has the worst reputation ever. I’m am really disappointed with how long you have taken to deliver one small package.
    I even order some thing through DPD on Sunday and it was by Tuesday. Please get your act together

  • I am furious because a parcel which should have been delivered to 16 Llangorse Road yesterday according to the card they received was apparently delivered to 12 Llangorse Road which is my address. My neighbours came to my home last night looking for the parcel and as I had not received it they subsequently called at all the neighbouring addresses looking for the parcel. They came to my home again at 8.50am this morning and showed me the card they had received which clearly stated clearly the parcel had been delivered to number 12, and again I told them I had not received the parcel. It turns out the parcel was delivered to no 14 Llangorse Road I would be very grateful if you would ensure that your drivers put the correct number on the properties that they deliver to, This matter has caused a rift between my neighbour and myself and I expect and apology. Jean Fitzgerald (Mrs) the post code is CF 44 0HR

  • Received a text saying delivery could not be made as no one in; I have been in all day, no card left, therefore do not believe anyone has tried to make the delivery. Your website has no capacity to contact to make complaint, no access to contact details. I text a number from the site to request driver try again within minutes of receiving the text that said there was no one in. I have stil l not heard back even though it says will receive a response within 20 minutes. Not happy and expect a redelivery today.

  • ***SENT TO ARGOS!!***


    I am writing as i am furious at the appauling customer care from YODEL your chosen delivery service (and now i see why checking their website and seeing nothing but terrible reviews from people!)

    I ordered two camera’s from you and selected a delivery date of yesterday. Sadly i was unable to get back for the delivery and so they left a card in my letter box………nothing wrong with that. When i got home I rang the number on the card to arrange to go and collect the items from my local YODEL depot and then the fun and games began! An appalling automated phone service that kept asking questions wanting a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer but then every time failed to understand yes or no, no matter how I said it and so I had to go through every question twice until it gave me the option to press 1 or 2 on the keypad! I finished the call on the rubbish service now believing I had informed then that I would collect the item tomorrow from depot, and was given a postcode and the trading estate where they were.

    So today I put the postcode in my sat nav and off I went on my lunch hour. I then had to spend god knows how long lost and asking people if they knew where the YODEL depot was because the postcode in my sat nav took me to completely the other side of the trading estate! Finally I got there thinking right just get in and out with my parcel as by this time I was going to be late back to work.

    Gave the lady my card she went off and them came back saying it had gone back out for delivery! I informed her that I had rang up the night before and specifically said I would be coming to collect it (showing just how rubbish their phone system it!) at no point did she apologise for what had happened and my wasted journey. She then said asked about delivery tomorrow to which I said I want it today that’s the reason why I called last night to say I was coming to collect again no response other than she would try to ring the driver.

    No answer from the driver so I again was offered delivery tomorrow or to come back to collect tomorrow, which is no good to me as I do not live in Yeovil and I have more important things to be doing on my lunch hour! She asked when I would be home today and tomorrow and when I said not until after 5 she just replied with well I can’t get hold of the driver. I tried to help matters by telling her I would be at my work just outside Yeovil until 4pm could he come to there and I would try to get to him (I work on a naval base) she completely ignored this and just said she couldn’t do anything did I want to collect tomorrow or try and get it delivered tomorrow which she asked several time even though I kept saying I would not be in the address!

    I have ended up have to go back tomorrow to collect the items however that is not two round trips from my base to the depot which when I have paid postage for delivery to my door I think it’s pretty disgusting as I could have just had it delivered to the store. I am aware you will probably say this is nothing to do with you and all YODELS problem but I purchased these items for an anniversary holiday to Mexico for myself and partner which we go on in a couple of days. I still need to know weather I require to get additional memory cards for the cameras which I was going to get from yourselves but time is now running out thanks to their incompetence and to be honest had I known now what I know about their service and that it was who you used I would have gone somewhere else.

  • Yodel are a completely inept company I ordered a new phone from Virgin mobile and was told it would be delivered on 1st September , my wife took day off and waited all day I arrived home from work and still no phone at 22:30 hours I realised my phone was not coming, I checked the tracker and was amazed to find that delivery had been attempted at 19:55 and a card left, a complete lie tried to contact through chat line but always busy at 23:45 I gave up and went to bed , at 06:35 on 2nd September I rescheduled my delivery for the 3rd and received E mail confirmation, also filled in questionnaire from Yodel online expected to be replied to but was not , No phone arrived Thursday 3rd surprise surprise , Got through to chat line Billy was operator asked why my phone was not delivered he could not tell me , asked if it would be delivered he said no it was on hold at Leamington depot ( Bermuda triangle) I asked for phone number he could not give me one , he took e mail and told me depot would respond to me , he lied , depot have not contacted me at all , phoned customer services on Friday and managed to get through after 11minutes and 22 seconds , spoke to young lady she confirmed my order was still at depot , she then placed order on depot to deliver that day , but they ignored that too now Saturday 5th have no phone but ironically have received bill from Virgin mobile , I would advise anyone not to entrust Yodel with any of their parcels , and to invest in pigeons instead it will be quicker , if anyone has e mail for customer complaints at Yodel please let me know what it is , Will also be contacting Virgin mobile and seeking to get them to drop Yodel as a “Partner”

  • Online system claims delivery was attempted at a time when I was definitely at home and waiting for it. No delivery attempt was made and no card was left.

    I have waited all day for the package so basically this has cost me half of my weekend already.

  • I have never know a courier company that is as shockingly bad as yours is!
    I ordered an item online which was supposed to be delivered to me via yodel I was supposed to receive it on Thursday 24 Sep so I waited in all day and evening only to receive an email saying sorry we missed you??? odd as there was 5 people in the house when he supposedly tried to deliver and no card was left?? so I went on your live chat they were just copying from a script as you must get that many complaints so I rearranged delivery for Friday another day off work and another day waiting in all day again the same thing odd again I had been in all day and again 3 people in the house at the supposed time of delivery went back on chat again reading from a script absolutely shocking I am fuming I want compensation for the time I had to take off work and wait in for a parcel that your driver never even attempted to deliver I have contacted the company that I bought the item from and notified them I will also be contacting trading standards I will also be making sure everyone knows what a shocking company you are.

  • In the end i went and collected as your company cant be trusted to deliver a parcel what a joke

  • I order food for my animals every months, to be delivered by Yodel. For some months now I have not received any pre-delivery information from Yodel, no number, no proposed delivery day, nothing. I have this day wasted nearly an hour trying to discover if/when Yodel will delivery my parcel, which I know has already been sent to Yodel from the provender co.

    Can I get any sense out of anyone? The automated disembodiment that passes for a help line is programmed RETARDED/DEAF/OBSTRUCTIVE – ditto all other ‘we can help you here’ type boxes. Generally speaking I have really like the one or two outstanding individuals that have delivered here – though some ‘ring ins’, have come across as arrogant, lazy, uncommitted, swaggering boors – either that, or well-meaning bright little buttons, desperate to please, with no English at all – God love ’em.

    I think the problem here is that this company is not employing drivers as Yodel drivers, but as casual ad hoc poor bastards, underpaid, having no job security, no sick pay, no employment rights and certainly no union representation – who knows, they probably even have to pay for the ‘privilege’ of driving a Yodel van and wearing a Tabbard.

    Yodel, you can tell us all, from now till doomsday, what a wonderful company you are – but you are far from wonderful, far from effective and far from serviceable. ‘Service, service…. what’s that?!”

  • What a disgusting service I paid extra for Saturday delivery and they never delivered worst service ever! People do not use YODEL!!!?Cowboys

  • I’d like to complain about your Yodel drivers blocking my drive. This is the second time in a week it has happened. There was no need for it at all as the whole street was empty both times. Plenty of places to park. I was getting ready to go to work today 18.00pm and the driver FD12 XSR just laughed in my face when I confronted him about it. It is pure ignorance and disrespect. What sort of company is this? Customer service is abysmal.

  • i am trying to contact you regarding my delivery but the 8 digit reference number on my card that you keep asking for on every phone number i get for you is only a 7 (SEVEN) digit number can somebody please email me a number i can ring and actually speak to a person immediately so that i can get this sorted out.
    your automated system would work well if your cards had the correct amount of numbers on!!!!! not best impressed

    • I have the same issue, did you find a way to resolve it? Who designs a system based on 8 digits and then hands out card with 7 digit reference numbers on it!!? Im beyond words really.

  • Total bunch of incompetent idiots. The customer service is a joke. How they can survive with this mentality?

  • Bought an item off ebay which was not delivered. seller kept saying that it was delivered and I was even given a proof of delivery signed by someone that did not exist at my address. checked the cctv at our premises and no yodel vehicle was ever there. only after a week’s fighting with the seller and yodel did my parcel tun up but damaged.

    had I not bothered to fight i would have been left out of pocket as yodel have obviously forged the proof of delivery

    from now on i will ask anybody I buy anything off online and if they use yodel I will not use the seller or retailer.

  • Driver of vehicle BT12 MOU has just delivered a parcel to one of my neighbours, today (03.11.15) shortly before 3pm.

    I appreciate he is a young guy, but perhaps you could advise him to turn his horrendous music down when he parks up. Some of us work from home, and others have new babies trying to nap, we don’t want or need to hear the ‘thud thud thud’ of his music choices.

  • have had three parcels delivered with 1 week from my club book, have now cancelled my other orders as your company have trashed all three deliveries, the parcels all three are damaged and look like they have played football with them, have lodged complaint with very catalogue and made it clear to cancel my orders placed this week if yodel is being used as the currier, mrs winder kent

  • Total disgrace.

    Delivery made on a Sunday when we were out. Parcel left at the side of the house in the rain, so box soaked through by the time we got home.

    We have no way to contact the courier and complain.

  • A useless and incompetent delivery woman who only delivers parcels for yodel between 11am-1pm . this is unacceptable when i work full time and obviously not at home during those times . when i phoned this woman to rearrange a delivery im told i have to go to her home to collect my parcel or itll be but on the van and sent back . i pay for delivery and dont expect to have to travel to the couriers home to collect my parcel. maybe said courier should get a paper round as these hours may suit her better since as a courier she is next to useless . disappointed and dismayed with yodel …. i will not use this courier service again …. total shambles !!

  • I have had 4 different packages from various senders delivered to the wrong address and the wrong postcode. Every time i have to go looking for them myself. Yodel customer services are a joke, as far as they are concerned the package has been delivered and thats it. I contacted them through live chat on my PC, they promised it would be rectified.
    What a joke they are. No other courier service as given this problem.

  • Witnessed an aggressive Yodel driver last Friday who threatened a young lad with a metal pole when he remonstrated with him for parking on his bumper. Appalling behaviour!! Where do they get their drivers from?

  • I ordered parts for my car online, I’ve been told will be delivered in 1-2 days. As I did not receive it 4 days already passed. I phoned the seller they said the item already collected on my behalf because I was not at home, my wife was at home all the time waiting for it but never arrived. then I’ve got a text from the seller saying the delivery man left it at no.26,got the phone number here if call the person he or she would give it to me. I was so angry because the block of flat I live only 1-20.
    I found out parcel was delivered 2 miles away from my house. the post code did not even match, how the heck did he deliver it there.
    In the end I had to drive there to collect it myself because I needed that part for car.
    terrible service

  • I received a text saying my sports direct goods had been delivered through the crappy yodel courier service. rang them up text had tracking number wrong then was told it’s probably either been dumped somewhere or given to some random stranger on streets over 5 hours on still awaiting a call back. I also said to amazon I do not want a delivery through yodel as they are rude and understand or speak no English as just like other companies like sports world direct.com seem to employ only polish WTF?

  • Extremely bad service.
    Been waiting on a delivery from YODEL now for 2 weeks. When the first delivery was meant to arrive, I was left no contact details, no email to say the delivery was not completed or anything!! The phone service is shockingly bad and you provide the customers with no methods to talk to an actual person who works a lot better than a robot which follows two step guidelines!! Whenever I see that the order I have made is being delivered by Yodel I know there will be problems and this is still happening.
    The latest on my parcel is that it has been delivered, but not to my house so where the hell is it!? why can’ you ask these questions to someone who knows what they are doing. How on earth that your company is till running is beyond me. All other delivery services are exceptional and if problems do arise with them then it is extremely easy to contact them. Even when I arranged to go into your depot the place on google maps is in the middle of a cross roads in Lincoln!! I hope you get this problem sorted very very soon

  • Delivery driver apparently tried to deliver the other day, funny that as I was in all day and there was no knock at the door and no card left. I rearranged delivery for today, went on the tracking site and no update. Spoke to an advisor on their live chat to be told that delivery is tomorrow, would have been nice for them to sms me to tell me about their incompetence. the only email address they have is press.enquiries @yodel.com if anyone want’s to email their complaints to them do it through this address, they will soon get annoyed with the amount of complaints. I have had to rearrange my schedule to ensure I was in for delivery today, tomorrow I will be out so it will cost them time, resources and money to do a third delivery.

  • Recieved a card through my letterbox saying my package had been left in my safe place, but the location was unreadable,I phoned and was told you would ring me back when you had asked the driver, no call back so I called again and was told my package had been given to a man with short hair and a shirt at my address. A. Im completly bald and only wear shirts if going to a funeral/wedding. B. Why did I recieve a card?
    I still havnt got my package after a week and still have no idea where my safe place is.
    I will not buy from anywhere if they use yodel as their delivery company again.

  • I was riding my horse on Friday 08/04/16 and I had a young girl on a young horse with me. We were approaching Dendron in Cumbria at 2.40 PM on an extremely narrow part of the road where you would of struggled to pass us in a car, when a yodel van driven came past us at approximately 40 miles per hour, he made no attempt to slow down even when I requested him to do so, he passed laughing and missed the horses by inches, this could of so easily of been another disaster as when he passed the horses were terrified. My intention today is to report this to our local police.

  • We were informed that a parcel would be delivered today so waited in all day. We then looked up the tracking to find that the driver says he could not gain access to our property at 16.30. That is totally untrue as we were here all day and access to our house was fine. There was no card left in our door to say the driver had been, so we can only presume that he went to the wrong address and didn’t take any notice of the post code, as there is an address the shames as ours in the next village. The tracking number is 815K31356987A071. We want to know where our parcel is as it has been paid for.

  • Very dissatisfied with this company. I had a package due to be delivered today, got a knock on the door and received and signed for a package. Little did I know that the package was not even mine! It is utterly shocking how incompetent the driver was, fortunately I was able to contact the original recipient of the package I got, luckily they did not live too far away so we was able to swap our packages. Honestly, how hard is it to ensure what address is labelled CLEARLY on the package to make sure it is the right address.

  • You are absolutely the worst delivery company in the whole of the UK. I seriously wonder if you ever bother to actually deliver parcels and just visit on the ‘third’ day and push all three cards through, without tracking numbers so that people have to come to you.

    I got an ‘unable to deliver’ notification on the first ‘attempted’ delivery and tried to reschedule but your useless system refused to allow me to do it. NO CARDS were pushed through my door, I checked. I then got in touch with the company (excellent customer service, this was not their fault). They contacted Yodel to request redelivery for me. I got back home on Thursday to find THREE cards pushed through the door, still no tracking number and I now have to go through to the depot, something that I am unable to do as I was admitted to A&E yesterday and am not going to be in a place to travel to collect.

    This is not the first time that I have had problems with your appallingly bad company. You pulled the same stunt on me before but were, apparently, unable to deliver to my workplace … my workplace which has 24/7/365 security on the front gate. Again you wouldn’t let me rearrange delivery so I got in touch only to be told that I should contact the company I was buying from … as I hadn’t been given a tracking number I didn’t know which company it was as I had a few things on order at the same time. Absolutely no help and pretty rude to boot. You sent my package back to the company, again not giving me the option of redelivery.

    I have suggested to the company that they stop using your ‘services’ (ha ha) because you’re totally useless and don’t actually offer a service.

  • Absolute joke of a company.sat in for 12 hours waiting for delivery only to be lied to as they say their driver tried to deliver but no access.total and absolute crap as I waited all day and now cannot contact them as they hide any email address.DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE UNLESS YOU AFTER BAD SERVICE AND YOU WANT TO SPOIL ANY RELATIONSHIP YOU HAVE WITH YOUR CUSTOMER’S

  • Hi just had parcel delivered by yodel drive A Gorea.

    Nice chap

    Post code PE19 8TD


    Mrs L Galloway

  • JULY 2016
    This company are full off LIES AND LIARS.

  • You delivered a parcel to me which doesn’t belong to me (wrong address) while I was not at home. The actual address, although local, is not in walking distance as I don’t have a car (and it’s not my problem anyway). What shall I do with it? Ask you to come to collect it? Or shall I throw it away?!!!

  • On 7 July 2016 a package was left at my address which was not for me. Not even for somebody in the same town! I used the ‘Live Chat’ feature to let you know and had correspondence with an operative called Owen. He said you would arrange for the package to be collected, probably the next day. Four weeks later, it is still here. My house is not a Yodel parcel depot! If it is not collected within the next seven days, it will be disposed of. I have no intention of leaving it taking up space in my house any longer than this. You may contact me if desired on the email address submitted.

  • I posted an urgent (for you) message three days ago. It still says it is awaiting moderation. I assume this means that there is nobody at Yodel Customer Services who isn’t too lazy to look at it.

  • I have been in all day. I get up to make a cuppa and find a card through my door saying a parcel has been left with my neighbour. WHY?? I also have a perfectly good doorbell. Are your drivers frightened of them?? Last time I was also in and a card put through the door to say a parcel had been left in the front garden??? You must be the worst delivery company going. Why do people use you??? Disgusted.

    Mark Watson

  • load of crap! waited in twice no parcel pick up!!! CANT GET HOLD OF ANY 1, and been kicked off live chat twice!!!!!

  • BE WARNED DO NOT TOUCH This company is good at being consistently inconsistent.I had my parcel taken to the wrong address in Chester as they where out the courier left a card at that address and returned to the depot in Wrexham.It gets better.we eventually tried to ring Yodel,trying to speak to some one human is like trying to get hold of Lord Lucan,so we thought we would try Yodelling through the Welsh valleys .In the end we emailed them and arranged to pick it up from the depot .Just to rub salt in the wound on opening the package a guitar for my 8 year old daughter,the body of the guitar was all cracked.Looking at all the other reviews Yodel’s goal must be to win the title for the most appalling courier service on the planet.none existent customer service.

  • Your Yodel driver, white Peugeot Boxer Van, registration AV08 LWS has started to park all day/night blocking my business car park entrance 2 Talbot Road, London, E7.

    It is a H&S access point as well as a huge dropped curb and metal gates with a sign saying no parking access required at all times!!!!!!

    Polite requests have been ignored, it is illegal to park there.
    I have reported him and you to the Police.

  • yodel are absolute joke delivery date set on 29 September 2016 its now 5 October 2016 still aint received it because its getting passed round the country this aint first problem with them neither they just leave your stuff anywere they shouldn’t be aloud to be a courier firm

  • Driver claimed I wasn’t there and he left card. I and my staff were all there and no card was left.
    Disgraceful company I will endeavor to tell anyone who will listen to NOT use this bunch of amateurs

  • I have come home this evening to find my letterbox literally hanging off it’s hinges- thanks to the Yodel delivery driver who obviously forced my parcel through it. As you can imagine, I am not at all impressed by this level of service and will be taking the matter further to claim compensation.
    However, having read previous comments, it’s clear this company care little for their customers.
    Will not be recommending Yodel to friends or family.

  • Waited in for a parcel to be delivered all day and then checked on tracking to find a note saying the parcel could not be delivered. No note and no call on the intercom (we live in a block of flats so all the driver needs to do is follow the instructions on the intercom to call me) Arranged a re-delivery with instructions to call my mobile when the driver arrived at my flat or call me on the intercom. Sat in all day the second time and then at 15:22 note on tracking to say driver could not deliver. Called the helpline furious at two wasted days for a parcel I still don’t have. First person gave usual fluff about the driver not being able to deliver. When I queried specifics like how come the driver did not call me I was told the drivers don’t have phones. Was told the driver left a note but our postboxes are in the building so he/she would have had to call me to get inside. No card left. It seems to me the driver simply drove up to the flat, looked at the door and then left. When I escalated to a manager given even more evasive answers and when asked agin about the drivers not having phones given evasive answers again. Will be checking the CCTV to see if this driver even visited our flats. Understand there sometimes being issues but delivering parcels is YODEL’s business so why does this seem to be so difficult for them especially when I made it so easy? Also, find being evasive and or possibly dishonest when asked about specifics only exasperates my frustration. Will now be writing a formal complaint about my wasted time and effort. Found manager evasive and reluctant to give out complaints department address and took me pointing out it is a requirement for them to provide one for him to tell me it is on their website.

    Lets hope I actually get this parcel which is a gift for my husband’s birthday. Will never use YODEL again.

    Update: So after speaking to the manager where we (thats right, the manager had no suggestions or ideas) suggested the parcel be delivered to a click and collect near where we live the parcel was instead sent again to our address and unsurprisingly the driver decided not to call us or use our intercom to reach us so according to tracking he/she could not deliver. I cannot believe the sheer incompetence and can only conclude that this must be some sort of wind up. Also promised by the same manager that the driver would contact me regarding the issues I have had and would give an explanation as to why they could not deliver but have received no such call. He told me he would open an ‘investigation’ but have heard nothing. Still no parcel and struggling to find some way of getting hold of the item I have paid YODEL to deliver to my flat.

  • Wasn’t in for a delivery, had a calling card to say it was deliver to a mr bond but there was no address and we have no idea who mr bond is. Checked the electoral register and there’s no mr bond living on this housing estate. So where the hell is my parcel!!!!!!!

  • Lazy lying driver purported to try to deliver and nobody home, even going so far as to state a time and leaving a card. Lies in both instances. I was expecting 4 deliveries from various sources on the day in question, I received 3 out of 4, having to sign for 2 of them. One of which I signed for at around the time the Yodel driver said he called. So if Yodel require proof, then thats not a problem.

    I was even working outside on my driveway all day from 8.30 am to 6pm, front door open with extension lead trailing from the hallway, assorted power tools and timber etc scattered on the front lawn. Not really the sort of thing you would find if nobody was home.

    If there are 2 things that really annoy me, one is getting a poor service for something I have paid for and the second is being the subject of somebody’s lies.

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