Yodel Phone Number

Yodel Phone Number
Yodel Customer Service

Yodel UK Operation Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 9:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 1:00PM
Sunday ---

Yodel Phone Number List

Yodel Helpline UK Contact Numbers
Yodel Contact Number Toll-Free 0808 101 0002
Large Parcel Deliverly 0800 051 5506
Parcel Tracking 0800 157 7777
Complaints 0170 728 7609

Yodel Overview

Yodel is a leading courier company in the UK that deliver over 135 million parcels each year. Yodel started as Home Delivery Network, which rebranded itself in 2010 to Yodel. It all began with shipping and logistics in 2008. Yodel work with a number of clients (more than 1500) in different industries including fashion, entertainment, etc. The name “Yodel” on from ‘your delivery’. Yodel owns over 5000 fleets of cars which deliver to more than 80% of UK residents. The company are partners with other well most retails in the UK, just to mention Tesco Direct, Amazon and Argos. The company is also a source of employment to over 16000 workers.

If you decide to use Yodel as the transport for your parcels, contact Yodel customer service and be assured to have the best services.  Contact Yodel Phone Number 0808 101 0002 is free to all UK residents, and you will be directed to their well-trained support team. You will get answers to most of your question.

Yodel Services 

Yodel offers the best Customer controlled services. The courier company services include B2B and B2C such as fashion, entertainment, retailers and more. Yodel services are tailored to meet your need and come with a great price.
Customers can contact Yodel for fast delivery features, tracking your order and quick turnaround times. Because Yodel has smaller trucks, they are fast with ensuring packages and parcels arrive promptly and even on their website they have noted there’s no backlog. You can set up an order on their site, pay for delivery and track your package from pick-up to arrival. Customers who wish to know the status of their order can use Yodel Phone Number 0800 157 7777. However, use this number if you are having trouble tracking on their website or the apps provided. If you own a business that involves delicates substances, don’t hesitate to use Yodel Customer Number and make your enquiries. They have a distinguished history of safe delivery of wine and flowers.

It’s not the delivery services of Yodel that makes them great, but the management practices that comes after delivery. More information can be found on their website or calling their helpdesk.


Contact Yodel Customer Service

Yodel Phone Number is the number that will connect you with their customer service and get all the issues you have solved. Any Complaint regarding the damage or loss of a parcel should be reported to Yodel Contact Number 0170 728 7609. If you are having difficulties with placing a delivery, just phone the support team using the Yodel customer service number provided.
If you are online, you can go to their website and start placing your order. They may ask you to weigh your package and give the dimensions to ensure they send the appropriate van, car or cyclist to pick it up, and they will ask if it’s business, residence and if you want a rush order and can confirm if someone will be available.


Write to Yodel Customer Care

If you need assistance from Yodel Headquarters, you can always write. Write on their social media walls such as Facebook, Twitter or connect with the helpdesk via Youtube. If you are already set with a paper and a pen, write and post to the following address. Remember always to add your details so that the customer care can get back to you as soon as possible.

Yodel, Second Floor,

Atlantic Pavilion,

Albert Dock, Liverpool,

Merseyside, L3 4AE

Yodel Helpline Tips

If you are a new customer and want to learn more about Yodel, or set a contract with Yodel, just make a quick call to Yodel Contact Number 0808 101 0002 and have your package delivered in no time. Contact Yodel during their regular business hours you can reach an operator Monday through Saturday and they will help you with the details in your order.

If you have a rush order, call them at the Yodel phone number, as they have over 5,000 vans and will work quickly to get your parcel delivered. If it’s after hours, you may need to visit their online platform place your order. Also, you can send your feedback about the services by filling up an online form available at their official website. Apart from the form, visit the FAQs section, and you will find most of the answers.

Yodel Phone Number
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1 Comment to “Yodel Phone Number”

  • I rescheduled a delivery for Saturday Morning and when it did not arrive by 2pm i contacted Yodels phone number which stated the parcel was out for delivery some time that day.I then looked on line which confirmed this but with no time stipulated.Asit was amothers day present i waited.I contacted yhe live chat who took 20 mins to fvind the parcel only to say it was out for Sunday.Even though the website still said Saturday.Ok so On Sunday at 1pm there is a yodel van outside my house. I go out too meet him but it is for next door and not me.he has nothing for me.I go back on line which still say s out for delivery Sunday.By 6pm i give up and reschedule delivery for my place of work for today Monday.I rang at 8am everything confirmed for today,go on line everything confirmed for today at the new address.Hey guess what still no delivery.The sending company have given Yodel the details of my Mobile and home address.So no phone calls either.
    Now before you think i am amoaning git i have worked in the industry for 20 years and in fact at one time had 2 vans in Yodel,2 in City Link and 1 in Fedex.So i know the game from top to bottom having also run a depotv emmploying 100 people.
    Yodel should be able to give an apptox time.due to knowing which depot it left from.who the driver,van and route number is.They have the trackers to know where every van is and nearly every job has a contact number.In fact when i ran aDepot in Stoke we knew where people worked and alternative contact addresses.Not Rocket Science.
    Tomorrow is Tuesday 8th March.2days late for Mothers Day a Mother who is ill and was bought to help Cheer her up and is instead made her more down thanks to the inefficient Parcel firm Yodel.And we still have no clue whwen or where we will gwet our parcel.The automated line is the worst ever and is not customer friendly.I work forn a company with over 600 customers and who have today all recevied emails from us about your service of which half have replied and said they had experienced similiar problems and would never use them again.My wife works for associated press in the midlands and is seeing one of the reporters tomorrow to put our case, but after a brief chat with him today he has said he has has 27 complaints this year alone especially in the sybpostcode areas and it is only March.I covered this area my self With City Link and it is not difficult i did between 150 and 200 drops per day on all of sy 10.11 and12 all inside 12 hours,so there is no excuse.
    I Have all sent an email to Watchdog on the BBc and will be writing to the transport minister about the appaling excuse of a company who have fallen well below trading standards.

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